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Cacao ~ Heart Medicine

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

What is cacao?

It is powerful heart medicine used traditionally for thousands of years by indigenous cultures of Turtle Island, mainly the Maya and Mexica. They offered this medicine in the form a concoction, to welcome and honour their guests into their homes and their ceremonies; creating a sacred space container where people can feel safe, open their heart and experience an intimate connection. Now days, this medicine is reaching out into the world, opening powerful circles, sharing its beautiful vibrations and medicinal properties, assisting humanity in our awakening process.

When we share cacao medicine we open a space of greater vision, turning our attention inwards. During the ceremony we explore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space we are at, the voices that inhabit us, the stories we tell ourselves, the memories we have kept, and also everything we have not digested yet in our life; and together in one heart help one another to heal our lives.

What is a cacao ceremony?

It is a beautiful ritual that invites us to feel openly, to give ourselves without reserves, to trust and to listen to the present moment. When we drink cacao;

  • We're able to listen to ourselves, because when one speaks from the heart, one speaks from her/his truth and from there it is possible to create a new reality.

  • It allows us to go deep into our being where we can realize that the present is the most powerful time-space to be in life.

  • It invites us to feel our body's and listen to our heart's desires.

Cacao medicine shared in ceremony connect us to the sweetness of our childhood, allowing us to discover and to connect with our own truth.

How to come prepared?

Like every ceremony; it is very important to learn before hand the protocols established by the space holders of the circle that we're about to enter so we can participate and contribute in the best way possible to the prayers and intentions set for the ceremony.

Enter the space with an open heart, a clear mind, be respectful, compassionate, and "always bring your inner child".

At last, the most important part of all the experience.

Enjoy yourself!

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