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Musica Viva - The Vision Ep2

Musica Viva - The Vision Ep2

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Musica Viva - Armonia al corazon de la humanidad

Musica Viva - Armonia al corazon de la humanidad

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ShunkuÑañ - Abriendo Caminos

ShunkuÑañ - Abriendo Caminos

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ShunkuÑañ - Corazon es lo único que tengo

ShunkuÑañ - Corazon es lo único que tengo

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ShunkuÑañ - Ayay Mama

ShunkuÑañ - Ayay Mama

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Be part of this community of love, harmony, and expanded consciousness.

Together, we will create a powerful movement that will resonate in the hearts of everyone.


Your presence and support are essential for this concert to transcend borders and reach every heart seeking healing and elevation!

"Inspiring Healing and Harmony in the heart of humanity through Music, Cacao, and Ancestral Wisdom."

- Soniko Waira

What does it mean to you to be part of a movement that seeks to elevate consciousness and promote positive transformation in the world?

Join us in making these 13 songs a reality!


IMAGINE a Magical Concert that combines Music, Cacao, and Ancestral Wisdom

About the Performance

Created by Soniko Waira,

the event "13 Songs to the Center of the Heart" innovates in the synergy of artistic and technological elements to create an immersive and transformative experience. Music is used as a channel to take participants on a profound spiritual journey, while cacao acts as a facilitator to open the heart and enhance the connection with the music and themselves.


Juan Fernando Saenz

Soniko Waira

Carlos Andrade

Do you want to know how this project was born?

Read our blog post here

Water Ripple

13 Songs to the Center of the Heart

A Magical Evening Sharing Myths and Legends to Inspire Us.

Raven Messenger.jpeg

"The symbolic act of the Raven transforming by stealing fire and carrying it to the sky, becoming the sun, reflects the transformation we seek to inspire in people."

The project "13 Songs to the Center of the Heart" harmoniously and meaningfully aligns with the mythology of Prometheus and the legend of the Raven, a creation myth from the indigenous peoples of the Northwest of Abya Yala.

In Prometheus's mythology, we see the desire to bring light and knowledge to the world, challenging the darkness and selfishness that kept it hidden. Just as Prometheus stole fire and shared it to enlighten humanity, our event seeks to share the light of music, cacao, and ancestral wisdom in the midst of the darkness that currently envelops our society.

The Legend of the Raven.

There was a time when darkness covered the earth and the hearts of its people. The shadow of fear, violence, and confusion spread everywhere, embodied in a greedy, selfish, and covetous spirit that kept the fire of consciousness and wisdom only for itself. This dark being manipulated, lied, and deluded the people, keeping everyone in ignorance.

But in the midst of this chaos, there was Raven, a wise and white being who harbored immense courage and a burning desire to bring light and knowledge to the world. Raven decided to confront the dark spirit and steal the fire to share it with everyone. Although he knew that this act could lead to his own transformation, he did not waver in his determination.

With wit and cunning, Raven devised a plan to deceive the dark spirit. He took the fire in his beak and soared into the sky. As he did so, the sparks of fire began to fall and transform into bright colors of the rainbow, illuminating the world and filling it with beauty and hope. But this act did not come without a cost, as Raven slowly burned himself to become completely black.

Upon reaching the sky, he placed the fire at the highest point, becoming the sun, Taita INTI, which illuminates and imparts consciousness and wisdom to all beings in the world. This act unleashed a cycle of transformation and rebirth for the earth and its inhabitants.

Through music, ancestral wisdom, and the cacao ceremony, we aim to ignite the light of consciousness in every heart, guiding people toward a new era of healing and harmony.

A Conscious Co-creation

Holding Together with Joy, Love, and Unity


Medicine Music

Music is the central and guiding element of the experience. It's used as a tool to guide emotions, induce altered states of consciousness, and connect with the deepest aspects of one's being. It's integrated with the sacred medicine of cacao in a ritual concert that aims to activate healing and harmony in the heart of each individual and, by extension, in humanity.


Cacao Mágico

The event is a combination of a cacao ritual, where each individual in the audience will receive a shot of cacao to embark on a journey through consciousness, and medicine music that touches the most intimate fibers of the being.

The proposal invites the audience to remember their roots and connect with ancestral knowledge, recognizing the importance of preserving and learning from these traditions for our current and future well-being. In summary, this event is an invitation to remember who we are through the harmonic convergence of various artistic languages and ancestral wisdom.

Cacao circle - Autumn Equinox - Ec 2019 -22.jpg

Ancestral Wisdom

An educational perspective is integrated, planting seeds of awareness through the ancestral teachings shared during the event.

The intention is to educate and remind the audience of the importance of living in harmony with nature and with each other, connecting with a vision of a world in balance and peace.

Would you like to learn more in depth this project?

Download our PDF file

Abstract Blue Light

 #MeFuiAVolver - TOUR ECUADOR 2023

Imagine immersing yourself in a magical journey where music and spirituality come together in a symphony of love and healing. A unique concert that becomes a transcendental experience, guided by the musical talent of ShunkuÑañ, a Canadian, Ecuadorian, and Colombian group that aims to take their medicine music to every corner of the world.

This is the "13 Songs to the Center of the Heart" project,

a co-creation meant to open hearts and elevate human consciousness!

Join this powerful prayer with love and unity!

Join us at our upcoming events

Let's grow together and be part of this conscious co-creation

In this artistic and ritual journey, your support is crucial.

Be part of this experience, share this page, and extend the invitation to all those seeking healing and inner peace through music and spiritual connection.

Furthermore, I invite you to contribute to our crowdfunding, as every donation brings us closer to covering the production costs and bringing this message of healing to the theater, a sacred space where our souls can rise together.

Let's fill the theater with positive energy and love. Every act of support, every shared word, every contribution is an echo that expands and reaches the hearts in need of this light.

I thank you from the depths of my being for being part of this journey. May music unite us, may healing flow, and may every heart find its unique melody in this collective prayer.

With love and gratitude,

Be part of this Magical Experience

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