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The Bridge

Cacao Medicine + Music Workshop

This sacred journey is a 4-week virtual event via zoom. It has the intention to teach you about the use of Cacao as a sacrament for ceremonial purposes and to help you open the Sacred Space of the Heart. It includes a Cacao Medicine + Music Concert LIVE + 3 Workshops + Interactive Sharing Circles

Cacao Medicine + Music Workshop
Cacao Medicine + Music Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD

The Bridge, 116 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E2, Canada

About The Event

What to expect in this powerful journey to the centre of your heart?

Week one: 

Delivered in a "cooking show style", this is an interactive virtual Cacao Medicine Workshop where you will learn about the medicinal properties of Cacao, where does it come from and how ancient indigenous cultures have been using this plant to invite wellbeing into their daily lives and the ways it can assist our people today to do the same. In this workshop, you'll also learn the original recipe for our "Heart Blood" Ceremonial Cacao Beverage and how it can be used as part of a holistic self-care practice you can do any time.

Week two: 

We share a few perspectives from traditional indigenous wisdom keepers about "ceremony" and will show you how to create/open and hold sacred space in your own home.

At he end, we'll invite the participants to a virtual Open Round Table to discuss the importance of maintaining a holistic self-care practice.

Week three: 

It's a Musica Viva Workshop where you'll learn a few medicine-songs; when to use them, the meaning of their lyrics and how to integrate "singing" as part of an empowering self-care practice.

⚡ At the end of each show, there will be a virtual sharing circle to give an opportunity for the participants to ask questions, express themselves and also connect with one another, integrating this experience.

Week four: 

We will end our journey with a 2-hour live concert from Nelson BC. CANADA. At this Full Moon Cacao Celebration, we invite the participants to receive with an open heart the healing vibrations of Taky Samy Medicine or "Quantum Healing Sound" to integrate all the teachings shared in the previous weeks. In this intimate virtual space, you'll be guided into setting an intention for opening your 2021 year with positive, self-empowering visions and practical actions.

What's included:

When you sign up for the full experience you'll receive:

8 hours of intentional sacred space and conscious shamanic journeying:

  • Medicine Music Concert LIVE
  • Cacao Medicine Workshop
  • Sacred Space Co-creation Workshop
  • Musica Viva ~ Medicine Songs Workshop
  • Interactive sharing circles
  • Our Cacao Magic (e-book) that includes our Original Cacao Beverage Recipe + songbook in PDF
  • Intentional community group in our VisionaryTRiBE
  • One year "Visionary Human" basic membership

About Cacao Medicine:

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.


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