Noq'an Qani - I am


Soniko Waira


In Lak'ech - Ala'Kin


I am another you, You are another me.


I am a Father, Artist, Musician and Visionary, walking the sacred path of "the wise human". 

I am a teacher and student of magick, indigenous consciousness, master plants and shamanism.
I am a spiritual helper/mentor and holder/guardian of the sacred space that allows for intentional healing and transformation to take place.

I am the founder of the Heart Map Experience a visionary path for self-empowerment and collective development.


Join me on my sacred journey for self-mastery, helping other awakened human beings to empower themselves  to walk their own sacred path - sharing their talents with passion and excitement


We are improving the quality of our lives in holistic ways so we can do the same for our communities and the world.

My mission is to contribute to humanity's spiritual awakening and the manifestation of the Galactic Indigenous Consciousness on Earth at this time.



Thank you for connecting with my vision and for being the answer to a prayer I had a long time ago...


"To attract and connect with extraordinary beings all around the world,

To gather my spirit tribe, and together accomplish our mission to help elevate the vibration and the consciousness of the people on the planet".  











To help Visionary Artists learn the magical ways of indigenous wisdom, to inspire their creative process so they may channel the frequencies of this New Golden Era for humanity.

Because I made it my purpose

If you are striving to connect with a vision that gives you purpose, to gain confidence in your gifts and turn them into a creative force for your life.

If you are ready to co-create a better future for yourself, your family and the world, then let me show you how I can help you!


Quito EC

This Is My HeartQuest

I was born in the city of the Kitu-Kara [the sacred place of the centred sun], a beautiful place very close to the equator and land of the mighty condor.


"Growing up in this city of over 2 million people I learned about the negative effects of being disconnected from the natural world, this was the trigger for the awakening of my spirit and the beginning of my journey of rediscovering "what is meaning of being a human living on this beautiful Mother Earth".

"Visions are meant to be manifested,

otherwise, they remain just as dreams’’


At 24,

I travelled by bus to Chile from Ecuador for 5 days, to do my first vision-quest in the traditional indigenous way which consists of going on a mountain for 4 days and 4 nights, remaining in one spot, fasting and praying for a vision.

At 25,

I got married, then moved to Canada in 2005 and decided to establish my home and grow my roots; and two years later I became a dad at 27.

Padre e Hijo 1.jpg
peyote ceremony art.jpeg

At 29,

during a very magical experience around the sacred fire in a peyote ceremony, I received the spiritual name of "Soniko Waira" which means "the sound of the wind". "Something that not many people know about me is that the name my parents gave me was Sebastian Alban. I used to call myself that way until one of the most powerful initiations I experienced along my Journey, second only to the birth of my first son".

Sinixt Tipis.jpg

At 30,

my marriage ended and this was the tipping point and catalyst for my own transformation to assume my mission. It was hard, but this experience taught me so many things about myself and about the negative programs that were running my subconscious being at the time.

At 31,

I decided that I wanted to live closer to nature to learn from the first peoples and caretakers of the land, it was then that the traditional chief, descendant of an ancient indigenous tribe called the Sin’ixt and his family opened their home to me, they lent me a tipi and hosted me in their land for a couple of years. There I learned how to live a simple but very fulfilling life.

The year after, at 32

two of my mentors saw the value in a tool that I created to help myself to keep my focus on my path. It was literally a map based on the core teachings of indigenous cosmovisions, combined with very powerful mind techniques and they encouraged me to start sharing this tool with my community, and so I did.

In November of 2012, I offered my first Heart Map Workshop in Nelson BC.


The Heart Map is a spiritual tool designed to facilitate a visionary process of self discovery.

If you are ready to envision how to improve the quality of life for you and your community, you can count on me to provide you with powerful transformational experiences when it comes to your HeartQuest.

“Currently my vision is taking me all over the world where I get to meet with many wise elders of the different indigenous cultures, from whom I receive new seeds and I’m  continuing to learn how to assist Pachamama and her children in the awakening process”.


This is my story.

For the past couple of decades, I have been an apprentice of traditional indigenous wisdom-keepers,

learning from different ceremonial ways about master plants like Peyote, Wachuma, Ayahuasca, Psilosibyn Mushrooms, Yopo & Huilka, 

understand the magical processes in which healing and transformation can take place with the purpose to expand my ability to be of service to my fellow human family.

Protecting the Sacred Space of the Heart for our Spiritual Development.



Cacao circle - Autumn Equinox - Ec 2019


Today, always and forever I choose to give my best!


My Offerings
and sacred expressions of my being

"Every gift that I've been cultivating my whole life".


All my life I have been inspired to create art and now I use it for the creation of different magick elements and tools that can be used to assist different shamanic processes.



The Heart Map Experience is my life's mission when it comes to contributing to the co-creation of a more harmonic, inspiring dream for the individual and the collective.



Music is my prayer and the way I express my being from the center of my heart.



Currently, I have a few different modalities of energy/shamanic work that I can offer to your service.

These journeys include master plants and also intercultural experiences, learning from traditional indigenous wisdom keepers.


This is just the beginning of our magical co-creation


Discover and unravel your gifts for the world!



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