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What is Shamanism?

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Huyayay Runa Kuna!

As a shamanic practitioner and teacher, I am often asked, "What is shamanism?" This question stems from a deep fascination and resonance that many people feel towards indigenous consciousness, as it touches upon something ancient and primal within us.

Through earth wisdom practices, we can tap into the wisdom of the natural world and connect with our own inner guidance.

In this post, I want to share what shamanism means to me and how it can be a transformative practice for those who are drawn to it.

Let's begin...

This is an ancient spiritual path practiced from time immemorial by indigenous cultures all over the world. It is a way of connecting with the spirit world, and living in harmony with nature and all living beings.

As we navigate through this time of awakening, it is essential to remember the wisdom of indigenous consciousness, which teaches us how to be thriving human beings on Pachamama, our mother earth.

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, as well as a way of life that allows us to connect with Nature, the spirit world and the entire universe.

The word shaman originates in Siberia from the Tungus tribe, but over the past few decades, the term “shamanism” was adopted by western anthropologists to describe the ancient spiritual and ceremonial practices of indigenous cultures worldwide.

Clearly, the countless similarities between various ancient traditions played a role in the continual generalization of the word.

One could view this path as the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all traditional indigenous tribes. As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in nature, shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection.

Shamanism is a word that has been used in many different ways in the last decades. Some people associate it with psychedelic substances, others with a new age trend, and some others with a particular cultural or spiritual tradition.

But what is shamanism really about?

For me, shamanism is a way of life, a holistic path for personal development that emphasizes the connection between all living beings and the natural world. It is a set of practices and beliefs that are rooted in the understanding that everything is alive and has spirit. Shamanism is a path of direct revelation, a way of experiencing the mysteries of existence through our own senses and intuition, and a tool for healing, transformation, and empowerment.

I remember my first vision quest in Chile, where I went to connect with the land, the ancestors, and the spirits of nature.

In my vision, I saw a world that was out of balance, where humans had forgotten their true nature and disconnected from the web of life. I saw people living in cities, consuming, competing, and destroying the environment and each other. I saw a lot of pain, confusion, and suffering. But I also saw a ray of hope, a possibility for change, a way of returning to the original teachings of the indigenous consciousness, the wisdom that comes from the heart of the earth and the sky.

Since then I learned that the indigenous consciousness is a way of living in harmony with all living and non-living beings, recognizing our interdependence and interconnectedness, and honouring the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. It is a way of being that celebrates diversity, creativity, and beauty, and that acknowledges the sacredness of every moment and every place. It is a way of connecting with our own nature, our own spirit, and our own purpose, and of finding our unique contribution to the greater whole.

In this time of great awakening, it is very important that we remember the indigenous consciousness and integrate its wisdom into our lives. We are facing unprecedented challenges as a species, from climate change to social inequality, from ecological degradation to spiritual crisis. We need to reconnect with the earth and the cosmos, with our ancestors and our descendants, with our own hearts and souls. We need to heal the wounds of the past, the present, and the future, and to create a new story, a new vision, a new reality.

As a shamanic teacher and mentor, I feel called to share this wisdom with others and to create powerful transformational experiences and

shamanic trainings that help my students feel empowered, inspired, and connected with their sacred vision.

That's why I have created the VisionaryTRiBE and the Heart Map Experience method - to do my part - and fulfill my purpose as a father, artist, visionary, and as a shaman. I believe that we all have a unique gift to offer to the world, and that by connecting with our inner wisdom, our inner power, and our inner beauty, we can co-create a society that embraces the indigenous consciousness and that empowers us to live our best lives while also contributing to the greater good of the community.

For me personally, shamanism is a beautiful path of self-realization, healing, and empowerment at an individual and collective levels. My lineage comes from an ancient tradition that comes from the future and I call it the "Path of Wisdom".

In conclusion, shamanism is not a fixed dogma or a static tradition, but a living path that evolves with the times and the people who walk it. It is a way of seeing the world through the eyes of the heart, of feeling the world through the skin of the soul, and of acting in the world with the power of the spirit. It is a way of remembering who we really are, of reclaiming our birthright as galactic indigenous beings, and of manifesting our sacred destiny as co-creators of a new earth.



If you are someone dedicated to your self-development and you want to connect with your own shamanic path, perhaps I can help you find your way.

Because I made it my mission "to actively and purposefully contribute to the expansion of human consciousness". I became a teacher and a mentor of the shamanic arts.

Through this powerful way of life, I believe you will remember how to be more connected and in tune with your own human nature and spiritual essence.

That's why I am inspired to share my message and my experiences from my own journey with all the awaken human beings that want to learn about this way to intentionally create reality!

And to do that, I created this school of visionary shamanic arts dedicated to teach, develop, integrate, and embody these higher frequencies within the self.

Want to learn about Shamanism?

As your mentor,

I will accompany you along this part of your journey and I will be cheering you and supporting you along the way, sharing with you the teachings and the tools you need to transcend the obstacles, resolve any issues, and that will empower you in your quest towards your own self-realization and transformation.

Would you like to go from living by default to being a human to a divine co-creator and beyond?

Please share in the comments.

I'd love to hear your perspective on this.



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