Hi, I am Soniko Waira


I am your guide and the space holder for this heart-opening 4-week journey.


My vision is to contribute to our spiritual awakening by sharing powerful indigenous practices to expand our human consciousness.



For the past 16 years, I've been walking on a path of connection and sacred co-creation between Spirit & Mother Earth through the sacred space of the Heart, where I empower myself to live my life with conscious intention, learning from Earth's indigenous consciousness how to be a better human and through my experiences, and the stories of the ancestors, I am remembering WHY I am here...


That's why I am super passionate and inspired to share with you this magical journey of self-love and collective-development, open to everyone that needs these frequencies and this kind of support.

If you're ready to explore the realms of your inner being and you are looking for a loving and co-creative experience to find your centre,


I'd like to invite you to join me...


What to expect in this powerful journey:

Week one: 


Is an interactive virtual Cacao Medicine Workshop, delivered in a "cooking show" style by my beloved partner Danu. There you will learn about the medicinal properties of Cacao, where it comes from and how ancient indigenous cultures have been using this plant to invite wellbeing into their daily lives. We can use this knowledge to discover the beautiful ways it can assist people today to do the same. 


In this workshop, you'll also learn the original recipe for our "Heart Blood" Ceremonial Cacao Beverage and how it can be used as part of a holistic self-care practice that you can do any time.

We're hoping to offer this experience as an opportunity to connect with the amazing medicinal properties of Cacao+Music; to empower you by sharing holistic healing tools to support and maintain your emotional/spiritual and physical wellness.

Cacao circle - Autumn Equinox - Ec 2019

Week two: 

We invite the participants to a virtual Round Table to discuss the importance of maintaining a holistic self-care practice. Also, we will share a few perspectives from traditional indigenous wisdom keepers about "ceremony" and offer guidance on how to create and hold sacred space in your own home.


Week three:

It's a Musica Viva Workshop where you'll learn a few medicine-songs; when to use them, the meaning of their lyrics and how to integrate "singing" as part of an empowering self-care practice.


⚡ At the end of each of these three shows, there will be a virtual sharing circle to give an opportunity for the participants to ask questions, express themselves and also connect with one another, integrating this experience.

Week four: 

We will end our journey with a 2-hour concert played by Fiona Elizabeth and Soniko, LIVE from Nelson BC. CANADA. At this Full Moon Cacao Celebration, we invite the participants to receive with an open heart the healing vibrations of our "Medicine Music" to integrate all the teachings shared in the previous weeks.

In this intimate, virtual space, you'll be guided into setting an intention for opening your 2021 year with positive, self-empowering visions and practical actions.


This online experience includes:


When you sign up for the full experience you'll receive


  • 8 hours of intentional sacred space and conscious shamanic journeying

  • 2-hour live Medicine Music Concert

  • Sacred Space Co-creation Workshop

  • Musica Viva ~ Medicine Songs Workshop

  • 3 Interactive sharing circles

  • Our Cacao Magic e-book that includes our Original Recipe for our Ceremonial Cacao Beverage + songbook in PDF

  • + powerful bonuses from our Partners & Sponsors

Contribution: $99 early bird | $120 regular price

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What is Cacao?

Cacao circle - Autumn Equinox - Ec 2019

It is a powerful heart medicine used traditionally for thousands of years by indigenous cultures of Turtle Island, mainly the Maya and Mexica. They offered this medicine in the form of a concoction, to welcome and honour their guests into their homes and their ceremonies; creating a sacred space container where people can feel safe, open their hearts and experience an intimate connection. Nowadays, this medicine is reaching out into the world, opening powerful circles, sharing its beautiful vibrations and medicinal properties, assisting humanity in our awakening process.


When we share cacao medicine we open space of greater vision, turning our attention inwards. 


During the ceremony we explore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space we are in, the voices that inhabit us, the stories we tell ourselves, the memories we have kept, and also everything we have not digested yet in our life; and together in one heart help one another to heal our lives

What is a cacao ceremony?


It is a beautiful ritual that invites us to feel open, to give ourselves without reserves, to trust and to listen to the present moment.


When we drink cacao;

  • We're able to listen to ourselves; because when one speaks from the heart, one speaks from her/his truth; and from there it is possible to create a new reality.

  • It allows us to go deep into our inner world where we realize that the present is the most powerful time-space to live.

  • It invites us to feel our body and listen to our heart's desires.


Cacao medicine shared in ceremony connects us to the sweetness of our childhood, allowing us to discover and to connect with our own truth.

On this sacred space co-creation, we will enter into the creative intuitive right side of our brain and co-create a ceremony to integrate our visions into our conscious awareness and into each one of the cells of our bodies.  Within the magical circle, the sacred hoop, the container of life, our mother existence and a grid of sacred vibration of numbers (masculine and feminine energies), we will unite and pray upon the seeds that we have planted so they can grow and create this new world that we are dreaming about... To this circle, we come with the intention of praying for the 'seeds' of everyone in it. 


In the circle, we learn and remember more about co-operation and community living, about giving and receiving... Here we have the opportunity to colour together our future. 


The intention of this space is to bring together our group in ONE HEART, in conscious prayer and celebration for the new seeds we all carry into this world.

This circle is about interdependence and support. To this space, we come in a humble manner to be present fully for the heartfelt dreams of the whole. Here we learn about AYNI.


"AYNI: is a Kichwa or Q'echua word for the reciprocity law of abundance. In this universe of vibration, you must give first, and then you shall receive... in other words, whatever vibration you put out, comes back to you multiplied".

Join this amazing Journey!

Frequent Asked Questions:

Can I sponsor a Cacao Circle for my community?

Most definitely.  Learn more

Every time you are willing to sponsor a circle in your own community, you are a channel for the manifestation of a Greater Vision and the answer to our prayer.

Where does your cacao come from and how is it made?

We use only organic fair-trade cacao from Ecuador. Learn more

How to come prepared?

Like every ceremony; it is very important to learn beforehand the protocols established by the space holders of the circle that we're about to enter so we can participate and contribute in the best way possible to the prayers and intentions set for the ceremony.


Enter the space with an open heart, a clear mind, be respectful, compassionate, and "always bring your inner child".


At last, the most important part of all the experience. Enjoy yourself!

Can children come to this circle?


That is the answer to one of our prayers. That our children have the opportunity to grow, learn and also co-create a meaningful holistic culture. There is a very old saying that says:

"The Family that prays together, stays together"



The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago.

The next best time to do it is NOW!


" Soniko is a gifted visionary and has created a very powerful way to support dreams and visions from the heart to birth in to reality! With his clear heart mapping expressing your deepest hearts longings, coinciding with the journey work tapping in to the unconscious, he holds space as a gentle guide to help you awaken to your soul purpose for your earth work!". -- Kiara Astara 

"Soniko’s work is a beautiful and powerful. An alliance between ancient traditional knowledge from native cultures and a new consciousness centred on community from the heart, unity and freedom. Talented musician and visionary artist, Soniko shares his gifts with generosity, humility and presence from the heart. The Heart Map Experience is a beautiful invitation to humanity to be conscious and to learn how to manifest our most sacred visions. Shamanic journeys are simply powerful. I give thanks for what I received from these experiences. I’ve seen concrete changes in my life and empowerment. I wish you to meet Soniko’s medicine". -- AlexSandra BeauLieu


"Soniko brings a beautiful presence and Love to his work. We all have embody our hearts calling to create the more beautiful world that we want to inhabit. Soniko is doing exactly this and I'm deeply grateful that he is a part of my community". -- David Max


"I really liked: Most of all, your energy and your honesty! Although you were the one giving the presentation it felt that you saw the event more as a partnership than a teacher-student relationship. The way you explained that you were offering this as part of the gift economy. It obviously came from your heart, and I found this very inspiring". -- Mathew R


"In June, I attended Soniko's Heartmapping Workshop, and I was very impressed how, using ceremony, ancient wisdom and intuition, he conveyed the unique ways in which we can creatively tap into universal energy and our own heart's inner landscape. This is a powerful workshop and I encourage you all to experience it! " -- Talis Shae


"I entered into this saying I was not sure I needed or wanted any map for my heart or life, but so many beautiful thoughts and ideas were presented in a way that provoked new and important feelings and direction. I left wanting to explore these ideas feeling positive about going forward. As well as this I learnt some wonderful new teachings on broader topics all told from a informed, interesting and smiling perspective. Thank you for wanting to share your knowledge! "

-- Mary Pickering


"Soniko saying that if Spirit gives you a vision, you need to act, plus all the ceremony and initiation allowed me to take this step. Shaking in my boots,For all my relations,." -- Margo


"Soniko, It's beautiful to witness and participate in the offering of your authentic being and creativity, and co-creating a new humanity. I look forward to seeing how all these heart vision manifest and weave a new reality" -- Heather Ives


"It was a beautiful workshop. I'm walking away more centred, with a full heart and my ancestors whispering encouragements in my ear. I really appreciate your songs, and the pace and style that you led us. You helped fuel the fire in my heart. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Lost of Love" -- Nicola

Join this amazing Journey!

Discover the powerful, medicinal properties of Cacao + Music

This is a 4-week virtual Journey to the center of your heart, with the intention to learn to initiate you into the ways of Sacred MAGICK!



Musician, Artist, Visionary walking on the path of "the wise human".

His conscious walk has led him into a beautiful world of wonder and magic. He's a Kokopelli , a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness by sharing seeds of the galactic  indigenous consciousness anywhere he goes; building bridges between the different worlds and connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern worldviews...

In this way, he co-creates the cosmovision of this new time with all his relations.