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A new day for humanity

Every new moon is a powerful time to set intentions and pray for the seeds we carry and we sown for our future. This moon is also a very powerful solar eclipse that brings the frequency of the Phoenix. Big opportunity for change, death and rebirth.

Ancient stories of different indigenous peoples of Turtle Island talk about solar eclipses as the marking points for the dead of the sun and the birth of a new one. This is a powerful omen that support our awakening into galactic consciousness and empower our growth as humans; because we are the seeds for the change we need at this time on Pachamama. This celestial event is announcing the end of the old patriarch empire and the beginning of a new golden era honouring the Mother and Family. All together... 

Welcome to the age of Aquarius!

Open Your Heart:

This is a beautiful song that sings about opening our hearts and our understanding, leaving behind reason to let the light of the sun we have hidden inside shine. It's an invitation to feel without limits, and to remember how Spirit can cure everything, and that Love is the healing force that make trees flower and life always to carry on; because if we want to stand in front of god, we must first learn to be human.


May the energies of this solar eclipse and new moon in fiery Leo brings clarity and confidence to our journeys so we may let go of everything we don't need anymore; and we may empower with beauty, magic and love everything we bring as gifts for this new era we've been praying for.

May you ignite with passion your soul and feed the fire in your heart until become one with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.

All my relations,

H U Y A Y A Y !

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