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The Warrior's Quest: A Journey to the Sacred

Huyayay Rainbow Warrior,

This is the story about the Valhalla Warrior's Quest, and what inspired me to dream of this sacred space.

In the serene and mystical mountains of Ecuador, atop a majestic peak during a profound shamanic pilgrimage, an idea was born within me—a seed of inspiration that would forever shape my path. As I sit there, immersed in the ancient wisdom of the land, a deep longing to connect with the mountains here at my home in Bear Country, Canada, was ignited within my soul.

Guided by a powerful connection to the Valhalla mountains, I embarked on a mission to create The Valhalla Warrior's Quest — a shamanic pilgrimage designed to provide a sacred time-space for individuals to intimately connect with their own divinity and purpose in life.

It became my purpose, my mission, to hold space for spiritual seekers and explorers, offering them an opportunity to delve into the depths of their being, uncovering hidden truths, and igniting the fire of their own warrior spirit.

In 2022, this vision became a reality as I led a courageous group of fellow adventurers on the inaugural Warrior's Quest. The experience was transformative, profound, and beyond words. Witnessing the personal growth, deep healing, and spiritual awakening of each participant filled my heart with immense joy and reaffirmed my commitment to serve humanity by contributing to our expanding consciousness.

Now, as the seasons turn and the call of the mountains echoes once again, I am thrilled to announce that The Warrior's Quest has become an annual event—a sacred gathering where individuals from all walks of life can come together, united in their quest for purpose, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

Join me on this extraordinary journey as we ascend the rugged trails, embrace the power of nature's beauty, and awaken the warrior archetype within. Together, we will forge a legacy of honor, self-discipline, commitment, generosity, and love—a legacy that will not only inspire the present but also shape the future of generations to come.

Are you ready to embark on a sacred pilgrimage to the Valhalla mountains, where the essence of your being will be forever transformed?

Step onto this path with an open heart, a curious mind, and a willingness to dive deep into the recesses of your soul. The Warrior's Quest awaits, and your destiny beckons.

Once upon a time, in the breathtaking Kootenay region of British Columbia, nestled amidst abundant nature, majestic mountains, and crystal-clear waters, a remarkable pilgrimage awaited those seeking to integrate shamanic practices for self empowerment.

This was not just any ordinary journey—it was a transformative experience that called upon the qualities of the spiritual warrior within.

As I embarked on this adventure known as the Warrior’s Quest, I discovered the profound power of embodying this frequency and the impact it had on my own path and the world around me.

In this first Valhalla adventure my personal inquire was to reflect about two important concepts that been a challenge for me, so ask the question

What does it mean to live in Abundance and to be Prosperous?

As I set foot on the trail leading to the Valhalla provincial park, I begun to feel my heart brimmed with gratitude and appreciation for the boundless beauty surrounding me. Nature, in all its magnificent forms, held treasures beyond measure—whispering trees, delicious and plentiful huckleberries, vibrant animals, glistening crystals, and amazing rocks, the purest air and pristine water from creeks and even in the form of snow. We had it all!

But abundance was not merely an external manifestation; it was a state of mind and being. It encompassed an attitude of gratitude, recognizing and appreciating everything we already possessed. In the Kootenay region, abundance overflowed, and this pilgrimage was an invitation to dive deep into that realization.

Prosperity, too, took on a profound meaning on this sacred journey. For me it was not solely measured in financial terms any more, but was a culmination of personal empowerment, spiritual values, and wisdom. Kindness, compassion and generosity were the first steps towards a prosperous existence, for a spiritually prosperous person never faced discrimination. And wisdom, the forth mandatory element, illuminated the path to true prosperity.

Our Warrior Quest is not an ordinary hike—it 's a call to awaken the warrior archetype within, to lead our lives with purpose and inspire others to raise their vibration. Because now, more than ever, the world needs individuals willing to embrace their inner warriors, leaving a legacy for future generations to come.

The intention of this quest is to walk our purpose, individually and collectively, up the mountain. It is a sacred offering to Pachamama and the Great Spirit, inviting their support and blessings as we activated our Soul Path. Along the way, we have the opportunity to confront personal challenges, resolving any material, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues that hindered our growth.

It is essential to mention that this journey includes a plant medicine experience, a powerful tool for personal transformation. This is an opportunity to expand our consciousness, to delve into the depths of our being, and connect with the wisdom and healing properties of the natural world. At last, our offering for this experience is a personal investment of our time and energy, reflecting the value of reciprocity and exchange.

Through my commitment to the warrior's quest, I experienced profound personal growth. I confronted my fears, healed past wounds, and discovered the depths of my own potential. Each challenge I faced became an opportunity for growth and self-transformation. I learned to embrace uncertainty, trusting that the path would unfold before me as long as I stayed true to my purpose.

The warrior's quest is a "Llankay," a conscious choice about taking on a responsible journey. It required us to do what was necessary and go where we needed to go emotionally, activating our capacity to overcome obstacles and embrace personal growth. It was a path from illness to health, chaos to harmony, and uncertainty to empowerment—a true embodiment of grace.

As shamans, we understand the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones to experience the purity of this journey. We recognize this teaching that guide us in our quest for consciousness and evolution. "Llankay" beckons us to become the higher versions of ourselves, to choose consciously and take ownership of our choices.

To embark on this pilgrimage, one needed to possess a sense of responsibility for their own life creation. This adventure was for individuals ready to walk their own path, fuelled by a burning desire for personal development and self-mastery.

The Warrior Quest challenged us physically and mentally, with a moderate-hard difficulty level. It entailed a 9.0-km out-and-back trail near Slocan, at the Valhalla Provincial part in BC. Canada, known to be a challenging route that took an average of 5 hours to complete. Proper hiking gear, including shoes, backpack, water, rain jacket, warm hoodie and pants, and a light lunch, were essential for this adventure.

Midway through our transformative journey, as we arrived to the our destination, at the base of the mountain peak, we found ourselves enveloped in a sacred space where time stood still. In this hallowed moment, we gathered together for a profound and awe-inspiring Despacho ceremony—an offering of our hearts, intentions, and purpose to the entire existence that surrounded us.

With reverence and gratitude, we opened the ceremonial sacred space by laying down some tobacco to set our intentions and begin our ceremony saying, we call the four directions and invite the Great Spirit - Pachamama to join us, as we poured a few drops of liquor onto the ground. This libation embodied the divine spirits and deities that guide us on our paths, igniting inspiration and illuminating our way forward. With each drop, we acknowledged the ancient wisdom that flows through the veins of existence, an eternal source of guidance and support.

Then we proceed to adorned the ceremonial offering with vibrant flowers, some green leaves and succulent berries, symbolizing the beauty that resides within us and the magnificence of the world around us. Each blossom represented a sacred acknowledgment of the profound interconnectedness between all living beings.

As we continued, we delicately placed seeds upon the offering, seeds that embodied the fertility of our dreams, projects, and aspirations. With unwavering focus, we imbued each seed with the clear intentions that we carried deep within our souls. With each placement, we manifested the vision of a prosperous life that extends its care not only to ourselves but also to our families, communities, and ultimately, the entire world.

In heartfelt appreciation for the abundant love and nurturing we receive from Pachamama and all our relations, we placed sweet offerings on the altar. These offerings served as tokens of gratitude, expressing our deep reverence for the sustenance and support we are blessed with on our journey. These element recognize the sweetness of life, honouring the nourishment and guidance that flows through us all.

With utmost respect, a few drops of water were added to the Despacho—a humble offering to the Earth, the giver of life. These drops symbolized our commitment to preserving and protecting the sacred lands that cradle us, promising to be stewards of this precious gift bestowed upon us by nature itself.

And as a final act of celebration and guidance, we burned some Palo Santo declaring that our prayer was complete!

In this sacred Despacho ceremony, we wove together the threads of our intentions, love, and gratitude. We honoured the beauty, fertility, care, and guidance that encompass our journey. Through this profound ritual, we solidified our connection with the forces that surround us, propelling us forward on our path to personal and collective transformation. And as the wind whispered through the mountaintop, carrying our offerings to the heavens, we knew in our hearts that we were forever changed.

For all eternity, I will hold this memory dear to my heart.

It's done!

Before concluding, let me emphasize that safety was of utmost importance. By joining this nature adventure, each participant was responsible for their own well-being. This pilgrimage was designed for individuals who understood the significance of personal responsibility and were committed to their own life's creation.

As our journey nears its end,

I extend a heartfelt invitation to all those who yearn for adventure in nature and wish to explore shamanism as a path for personal development and self-mastery.

Join our VisionaryTRiBE and embark on the next adventure by the end of summer. Dare to embrace your warrior spirit, and together, let us walk the path of abundance, prosperity, and purpose.

In the realm of the warrior, the choice is always yours.

Are you ready to step into the next level of your conscious evolution?

All my relations,



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