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Living in Fierce Faith: Re-wilding the HEART: Return to the Oneness

Entering The Realms Of Hunters And Gatherers To Receive Ancestral Truth

⚡Join LIVE  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
June 9, 2023 
@ 11 am PST

Discover the power of self-life learning styles and unlock the ancient wisdom within you.

Join us on a transformative journey that will awaken your senses, connect you with your ancestral truth, and help you embrace the wildness of your heart.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and re-wilding?

Discover how adversities can be transformed into opportunities.

In this masterclass, we delve into the wheel of eight aspects of self and life, exploring the depths of your being and valuing the wonders that lie within.

Are you ready to co-create a better future for yourself, your family and the world?
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Northern Lights


I am another you, You are another me.

Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen
of the Turquoise Heart

Holder of a Masters degree in Education, she is a deep listener, a parent educator, a wellness consultant, and a wild embodied dancer who understands the rhythms of the universe. She is a poetess, a writer, a scholar warrior, a divine dancer, a creator of wild medicines, a spiritual guide and mentor for youth, and a great animal lover.

Grandmother Kaariina's personal mythological journey of lifetimes includes serving as an Abuela for Danza de Luna, carrying the obsidian pipe for gender neutrification. She has embarked on solo retreats and tended the Sacred Fire to support the growth of her apprentice at the Temple of Light in Peru. Her love for the wilderness, self-sustainability, and resourcefulness were nurtured in the land of the Great Lakes, Northern Ontario.

The Four Sacred Wheels, deeply embedded in her REIKI self-mastery and self-realization curriculum, form the foundation of her offerings. These wheels, Elemental, Grief, Transformational, and Commitment, align with the Greater Blueprint of universal truth and purpose.


Welcome to Living in Fierce Faith: Re-wilding the HEART: Return to the Oneness - Entering The Realms Of Hunters And Gatherers To Receive Ancestral Truth Masterclass!

But this journey doesn't end there.

We teach you how to apply these gifts in your daily life, aligning with the natural cycles of the seasons and the universe itself. By embracing the power of sensing, seeing, listening, speaking, singing, remembering, touching, smelling, wondering, and connecting with the Great Mystery, you will learn how these gifts can become your economy and your source of healing within relationships, with humans, and with the wild.

Claiming and celebrating your gifts is a personal choice, and you have the freedom to decide how, when, and with whom you share them. Through unwinding adversities, recognizing opportunities, and embracing synchronicities, you will uplift humanity's vibrational accords and step into a higher, more divine expression of yourself.

Through the art of poetry, sound, song, and ancient traditions passed down by hunters and gatherers, we will help you proclaim your presence as an incarnate being. Because sharing is caring, and wondering is undoing the limitations that hold us back.

As you embark on this journey, your brain chemicals will shift, allowing your consciousness to expand beyond the limitations of perception and capabilities. Grandmother Kaariina, our esteemed Shamanic teacher and elder of the Turquoise Heart, brings 40 years of educational and experiential services across all stages and ages of the Wheel of Life. Her quest to resolve differences and discover the unifying principles beneath all cultures, colors, and creeds has led her to this portal of Universal Heart Wisdom.


The time is Now.



Northern Lights

Here's how
it works

In this 3-part live virtual event, I'll share the core teachings of shamanic indigenous wisdom that will help you expand your vision and activate your Magical Thinking. These teachings are the foundation for our visionary school.

* To participate,
Join this MASTERCLASS as "our guest" or, you can also choose to unlock the VIP Experience, available when you join our VisionaryTRiBE.

* Enter the members area to have access to more tools and other resources.
After 3 days, of 90 minutes each class, you'll be able to see clear how to to create your own reality with confidence.



The ceremonies and classes will be shared live, on a group video call.


in Telegram

Receive support and answers to your questions directly from Shairy

Participants will be gathered in a private group on Telegram to be able to follow up on participation with results.

Watch the Recordings at VisionaryTRiBE

A community of visionaries co-creating the new time.

24 hours after each day of training, our members will have access to the recordings of these sessions.

Group Travel

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here's WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY...

"Our paths have become One Love, in service of all our relations! The ayni is for the awakening of our innermost FIRE COUNCIL. Let us return to the HERTH within us that alchemizes heart and earth and art for all who hear with the Om-tuned ear. Let us arouse the flesh dense frequencies into harmony with the great wave of oneness moving through all of us."
--Pilamaye, Patrick Sellin, Psychotherapist and Breathewave Facilitator

"Grandmother, I wholeheartedly thank you for stepping into my life and into this community. I have seen shifts in myself and in those around me, I still do not really know what shamanism is yet I feel it, I see it, I hear its call. The experience is important, not the label. I used to feel like I was on the right side of the river, compared to the left sided people. And the left side of the river compared to the right sided people. But that would mean I’d have to be two or more places at once. It’s so simple now that I realized that I am standing on the bridge, or maybe in a canoe or on a raft! And better yet, I am not alone on this bridge! So thank you for this deeper knowing that will continue to gestate after you leave here. The birth of a new community has begun! With wild and crazy stories, I love you!"
--Dayna Raquel, Deer Woman

"The way of council is an initiation into a new yet ancient realm of responsibility, clarity, purpose, and revelations. I have come to accept and surrender myself to a path of sacred partnership with spirits, with earth, with life, with humanity and with my SELF, along with all of my relationships."
--Josh Wagler, Permaculturalist

"Grandmother, sending love and positive vibes your way always. Riding the waves of change now with ease and grace through these turbulent times. Connecting to Pachamama each day has been such medicine plus working with the EARTH VASE!"
--Calli, Northern Ontario Wild Wombman

"HoloGram, you are the love, you are the savage grandma,of our hearts’ songs. Thank you thricely for this FORTITUDE that burns ETERNALLY! Love always."
--Anna, Goddess Warrior Retreat

"Family Council is actively restoring my faith and knowing in healthy whole functional families and relationship that are now possible! These are rapidly permeating the collective dream. After experiencing life in family council way with Grandmother Kaariina, I feel empowered to hold a new standard of integrity for my community previously unimaginable! With respect, truth, dignity, honour, compassion, I feel this soul star of purpose arising and guiding ten thousand villages to access and to utilize this way of council! May we continue to restore harmony balance beauty and joy to earth!"
--Tana Chea Chambers, Reiki Mastery, Mother and Construction Worker

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Northern Lights

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June 9, 2023 
@ 11 am PST

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Join Living in Fierce Faith: Re-wilding the HEART Masterclass today and unlock the ancestral truth that resides within you.

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