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The Prophecy of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal

Updated: May 4, 2023

Welcome to 'In Lak'ech' Shamanic Journal, where we explore the power and potential of shamanism in today's world.

In a society plagued by disconnection and alienation, we often find ourselves searching for a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

Let's delve into the idea of how shamanism, an ancient practice steeped in connection to the natural world, the spirit world, and the self, could be a key to unlocking a brighter future for humanity.

We will explore the ways in which shamanism can help us to expand our consciousness, live in balance with nature and honor our own bodies and emotions, and come together as a community. Join us as we embark on this thought-provoking journey and discover the potential of shamanism to guide us towards a new age of connection and harmony.

In this blog post, we explore the fascinating prophecy of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal or the Hummingbird, that inspired the creation of our school.

This ancient prophecy, which originates from the indigenous peoples of the Americas, speaks of a time when the Eagle, representing the rational mind, the masculine energy and the indigenous peoples of North America, and the Condor, representing our intuition, the feminine energy and the indigenous peoples of South America, will come together in harmony with the Quetzal, representing the meeting place within our heart and the peoples of Central America. This convergence of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal is said to bring about a new era of coherence between gut, heart, and mind, and a golden age for humanity.

Join me as I delve into the meaning and significance of this powerful prophecy and explore its relevance for our world today.

The first step in my conscious path took me first to Chile, where I had the privilege of learning and understanding the indigenous spirituality from my first indigenous teacher, Suryavan Solar, a Mapuche elder who guided me on my first vision quest in Chile. I was also blessed at that same time to meet my mentor and spiritual brother, the Andean shaman Shairy Quimbo, who initiated me into the teachings of the Condor Malku and sacred sound.

This was my first experience with the indigenous consciousness, back in 2004 when I learned from the teachings of the Condor Blanco. This journey took me into the depths of the Andean mountains where I was introduced to the sacred practices and teachings of the Mapuche people and the Andean Cosmovisions.

It was during this time that I first heard about the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, which became a source of great inspiration for my spiritual path moving forward.

The prophecy offered a glimpse into the possibilities of a future where all people could come together in unity and harmony, guided by the wisdom of the ancient ways. This experience ignited a passion within me to learn more about the indigenous cultures of the world and to share their teachings with others on their own journeys of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

My journey into the world of indigenous spirituality and shamanism began with my connection to traditional wisdom keepers and indigenous elders. It was through them that I first experienced for myself the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal.

From North America, I had the incredible opportunity to live for a couple of years with Chief Ki'xú'xús´kit and his family; they´re a part of a Salish tribe called the Sin'ixt, whose traditional ancestral territory is located in what today is also know as Canada and the US. They opened their hearts and shared with me their traditions and ancient culture, and introduced me to people from other tribes and open the opportunities to assist to many amazing gatherings and ceremonies that had a huge impact in my path.

Later, I learned about the teachings of the Hummingbird Quetzal from my dear friend and ally Kuautli, an amazing road man and medicine carrier who introduced me to Peyote medicine and opened my awareness to the teachings and cultures of the people of Mexico and the southern part of the US.

Finally, I returned to my roots and I went through a powerful training with my mentor Nicolas Pauccar a Q'ero Altomisayuc who initiated me as a Paqo in his lineage. He also shared with me the deeper meaning of this prophecy from the Andean perspective.

These teachings have inspired me greatly along my journey and have become the foundation of the path that I offer to my students on the VisionaryTRiBE school.

Today, I want to share with you my interpretation of these ancient messages and how we are in the time of the fulfilment of these prophecies.

Long ago, in a time before memory, the Great Spirit foretold of a prophecy that would shape the course of human existence. The prophecy spoke of the coming together of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal, three great forces that represent the mind, the gut, and the heart of humanity.

The Eagle, proud and mighty, represented the rational mind of the people of the North, the great indigenous nations of Turtle Island. With sharp vision and fierce intelligence, the Eagle soared through the sky, seeking knowledge and understanding.

The Condor, majestic and powerful, represented the gut intelligence and intuition of the people of the South, the ancient cultures of the Andes and the Amazon. With a strong connection to the natural world, the Condor followed its instincts, always guided by its inner wisdom.

The Quetzal, beautiful and graceful, represented the meeting place for the eagle and the condor within the sacred space of the heart and also the peoples of Central America with their rich and diverse Mayan and Mexica cultures. With a love for beauty and harmony, the Quetzal sang its song of grace and hope, bringing peace and joy to all who heard it.

As the ages passed, the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal each followed their own path, sometimes coming together, sometimes drifting apart. But the Great Spirit had foretold that one day, they would come together in a way that would change the world forever.

And so it came to be, in a time of great crisis, that the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal came together in a moment of unity and understanding. The Eagle shared its knowledge and insights, the Condor shared its intuition and wisdom, and the Quetzal shared its love and compassion.

As they came together, a new energy was born, an energy of coherence and harmony that flowed like a river through the hearts and minds of all humanity. And with this new energy came a new era, a golden era of peace and understanding, of balance and harmony, of unity and cooperation.

This time is NOW, for the prophecy of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal had been fulfilled, and a new world had been born. And in this new world, the people of the North, the South, and the Central Americas lived in harmony, guided by the wisdom of their minds, their hearts, and their guts. Together, they created a world of abundance, a world of prosperity, a world of love and joy.

And so it was that this ancient prophecy was fulfilled, and humanity entered a new age of peace and understanding, a golden era that would last for many generations to come.

In conclusion, the prophecy of the Eagle, the Condor, and the Quetzal is a powerful message for humanity to come together and unite in heart, mind, and spirit.

By embracing the wisdom and teachings of the indigenous peoples, we can create a future that is in harmony with nature and each other.

As a member of the VisionaryTRiBE, you can join us on this journey of expansion and contribute to the awakening of human consciousness.

Together, we can create a world where love, connection, and harmony prevail.

And let us co-create a future that honours the wisdom of the past and the potential of the future, today!

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