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The Power of a SEED

You are invited to attend our magical circle and discover:

The Heart Map Experience

In Lak’ech, Ala Kin

(I am another you, You are another me)

Are you a visionary?

Do you have so many ideas and a ‘’to do list’’

hat is always growing and never ending?

Do you feel a lack of inspiration or direction in your life?

Do you know the difference between dreams and visions to be created?

Would you like to wake up in the morning, relaxed and yet inspired for this new day of sacred manifestation?


Our Visions, Ideas, Projects, Plans and our Children are SEEDS.

Seeds have the potential for endless life.

* Think about how things -- babies, visions, ideas, projects, plans -- do not simply pop into existence. There is a gestation period when the seed is hidden in a safe place, where it has time to receive the vital nutrients it needs to grow. This gestation period also gives the parent or inventor time to prepare themselves for the birth. If there is a seed or idea growing within you, what nutrients will nourish its growth? What do you need to do for yourself in preparation for giving birth to whatever is gestating within you?


If you have a question






Message: Today take the time to celebrate and enjoy what you have brought into being.

Look around you -- what in your life started as an idea, and has become something real? You did that! You are magical! Give thanks and praise to the universe, including yourself, and get ready: a new idea is ready to be born!

Ingwaz, the seed rune, represents taking time apart to grow and transform. Imagine a seed beneath the ground, or a cocoon before a butterfly emerges. Ingwaz urges you to reflect on your experiences and lessons in order to consolidate what has come before. You may need peace and quiet to let your creative potential incubate before bursting into manifestation.


“The Heart Map Experience envisions reaching as many hearts as possible throughout the world, contributing to the awakening process of the human consciousness, helping people to get in touch with their own creative force”.

The Heart Map Experience is a deep visionary process including two parts workshop designed to assist us in our personal growth and collective connection, offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. It’s a spiritual technology based on ancient shamanic teachings and modern mind techniques designed to bring out our visions to the conscious world; and it's a powerful space for showing up for yourself and holding the space for others as well, so we can all grow and nourish the seeds that we carry individually and as a collective in this beautiful world.

What are your seeds for the future?

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“We've all been given a gift,
the gift of life.
What we do with our lives is our gift back.”
H U Y A Y A Y !


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