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This is a spiritual tool designed to assist us in our personal growth and our collective connection, offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. It's based in ancient shamanic teachings and modern mind techniques bringing out our visions to the conscious world.

The HEART MAP EXPERIENCE is a very powerful manifestation tool and an artistic way of processing information.

Uses both hemispheres of the brain:

Shamanic Dreaming
involves entering into the world of spirit from a waking and fully conscious state. Being able to be in two worlds at once. The dreaming heart is an expansive, creative force with limitless potential to explore the universe that exists inside the mind. Dreams for the shaman are a source of infinite wisdom and understanding.

What is a Mind Map?
is a highly effective way of getting information in and out of the mind. It is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally "maps out" your ideas.


heart map blueprint

✔ The principles of AYNI.

✔ The power of a vision and setting an intention from the heart.


COSMOVISION. what does it mean and how to recognize your unique way of standing in the medicine wheel.


How to find your original birth imprint and how your stories are the key to change your life.


The indigenous frequency: what does it means to be an indigenous human of Pachamama and how to go beyond the form, focusing on the core essence of this vibration.


Basic teachings and concepts from the core of the indigenous frequency: the powerful circle, the medicine wheel, teachings of number four and the eight pointed star.

The four areas of personal growth and human development and how to find your centre. Living HERE-NOW.


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what you'll learn in "the power of a seed" workshop:


Cassidy Riel

"After the experience I felt in touch with myself, as well as my vision. I most definitely recommend you to anyone who is in search of themselves. The shamanic journey was just so powerful".

AlexSandra BeauLieu

"The Heart Map Experience is a beautiful invitation to humanity to be conscious and to learn how to manifest our most sacred visions. Shamanic journeys are simply powerful. I give thanks for what I received from these experiences. I’ve seen concrete changes in my life and empowerment. I wish you to meet Soniko’s medicine".

Talis Shae

"I attended Soniko's Heart Map Experience, and I was very impressed how, using ceremony, ancient wisdom and intuition, he conveyed the unique ways in which we can creatively tap into universal energy and our own heart's inner landscape. This is a powerful workshop and I encourage you all to experience it!".

If you feel inspired to walk on a conscious path for self empowerment and collective development
If you want to meet others like you and co-create together the new dream for humanity..
🌎 join our VisionaryTRIBE!

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