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The 7 Andean Codes: A Blueprint for Building a Harmonious and Conscious Community

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Huyayay Rainbow Warrior, welcome!

I am another you,

Today I want to share with you about the ancient wisdom of the 7 Andean Codes and its significance in contributing to the expansion of human consciousness.

The Andean codes are a set of seven principles that were passed down by the Q'ero Nation, a group of indigenous people of the Andes in Peru, who are considered to be the keepers of this ancient knowledge and have preserved the spiritual tradition of the Incas in a pure form. Their teachings offer a unique perspective on how to live in harmony with nature and the cosmos.

The Q'ero Nation, the keepers of this ancient knowledge, are one of the most highly respected indigenous groups in the southern and central Andes. Q'ero's shamans known as Paqos, are priests, healers, shamans, and mystics all at once. They are also simple folk who have preserved the spiritual tradition of the Incas in a pure form.

Andean people have always had a deep connection to the land and the cosmos, and their wisdom is reflected in these 7 Andean codes.

In this post, we will delve into each of the seven Andean codes, and explore how they can be applied in our daily lives to achieve greater consciousness, connection, and wellbeing.

As a descendant of both Andean and European roots, I have had the opportunity to explore and learn from both cultures at an indigenous level. However, the ancient Andean indigenous wisdom has always held a special place in my heart.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this wisdom is the concept of the 7 Andean Codes, which are said to activate our DNA and expand our consciousness.

As a father, artist, visionary, and shaman, I recognize the importance of these teachings and wisdom in contributing to the collective awakening that we are going through as humans.

As a Hampeq' (Andean Paqo), I have been initiated into the Q'ero lineage and learned the 7 Andean Codes as a fundamental part of my training. Through my path and experience, I have come to understand the importance of these codes and how they can guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their existence and their connection to the universe.

The Q'ero people have preserved this ancient wisdom for centuries, and it is now more important than ever to share it with the world. As we face environmental, social, and spiritual challenges, we can draw on this ancient wisdom to contribute to our own personal and collective expansion as conscious human beings. It has been a transformative journey for me personally, and I am now committed to sharing this wisdom with others.

By now, there are more people becoming aware of what's important and sacred, we are experiencing a significant shift in consciousness, and it is crucial to have tools and guidance to navigate these times of change.

My role as a mentor and teacher is to share this path with others, to help them connect with their true essence and purpose, and to support them on their journey towards self-discovery and healing. Through the creation of the VisionaryTRiBE and the Heart Map Experience method, I am fulfilling my purpose of contributing to the manifestation of the Galactic Indigenous Consciousness and creating a better world for future generations.

This is a journey of discovery and transformation, come with me, as we explore the profound teachings of the Andean codes.

These codes are Kawsay, Anya, Llankay, Munay, Ayni, Yachay, and Kawsaypacha are considered fundamental to understanding the Andean Cosmovision at a holistic level.

These codes offer a way of living in harmony with oneself, others, and the natural world, and are seen as keys to unlocking human potential and expanding consciousness.

Let´s beging with

Kawsay (Existence): This code is all about recognizing consciously being alive and recognizing everything around us as alive.

Anya (My own Universe): The Anya code teaches us to honor and respect our own point of view while acknowledging the perspectives of others.

Llankay (The process or the way to): The Llankay code is all about the path we take from one state of consciousness to the next. It's about resolving conflicts and expanding our perception.

Munay (Love, Power & Desire): The Munay code is all about recognizing the power of love and harmony as states of being that create from the heart.

Ayni (Sacred Reciprocity): The Ayni code is all about balance and reciprocity. It's about giving value to everything and valuing ourselves.

Yachay (Wisdom): The Yachay code is all about managing the energy around us giving it direction on a superconscious level.

Kawsaypacha (Time-Space): This code is all about recognizing ourselves as multidimensional beings and practicing a deep understanding of self.

I believe that everything in existence is alive and has a consciousness, and the activation of these codes allows us to recognize and communicate with this consciousness. This communication can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, potentially resulting in positive changes at the genetic and epigenetic level, offering a unique perspective on the relationship between consciousness and biology. By working with these codes, we can access deeper levels of wisdom, knowledge, and inner power to become more aligned with our true purpose and potential.

These codes are not just abstract concepts; they have practical applications in everyday life. They can help us live more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling lives, and they can also help us connect more deeply with nature and the cosmos.

What if I told you that I can show you how to integrate these codes into your daily live and become the creator of the reality we want to experience.

Would you to invest the time and energy that will take?

As a mentor and teacher of the shamanic path, I am committed to guiding, accompanying and co-creating powerful experiences, using sacred containers and offering shamanic trainings that help my students feel empowered, inspired, and connected with their sacred vision.

Through my school, the VisionaryTRiBE and the Heart Map Experience method, I offer a space for deep transformation and personal growth that is rooted in the wisdom of the Andean Codes.

My approach is to guide my students on a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping them connect with their inner wisdom and their connection to the earth and cosmos.

Through these teachings, I hope to empower people to embrace their own unique path and contribute to the manifestation of the Galactic Indigenous Consciousness.

Take a deep breath and...

Feel the Connection of Kawsay, the Truth of Anya, the Path of Llankay, the Love of Munay, the Reciprocity of Ayni, the Wisdom of Yachay, and the Divinity of Kawsaypacha.

As you embrace each code, feel it integrating into your being and activating your inner power and potential.

Now, let's take this knowledge in.

This visualization can help you connect with the wisdom of the Andean Codes and integrate them into your daily life, helping you to manifest your highest vision and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Take another deep breath and...

Imagine what it would be like to live in a society that fully embraces these 7 codes and the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Earth, where investing in the development of the individual would be a top priority.

Each person would be encouraged to discover their unique purpose and contribution to the community and to align their actions with their highest potential.

There would be a deep understanding that the well-being of the individual is interconnected with the well-being of the community, and vice versa.

This society would prioritize education that goes beyond academic knowledge, and instead focuses on personal and spiritual development. Children would be taught from a young age to cultivate their best qualities by practicing acting with Munay, Ayni, and Yachay, which would enable them to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Education would also include the study of nature and the cosmos, as well as the cultivation of a deep respect and appreciation for the natural world.

In this society, individuals would be encouraged to pursue their passions and to contribute to the community in ways that align with their unique strengths and abilities. There would be a strong sense of community, with people supporting and uplifting one another in their personal growth and development. Kawsaypacha, would be deeply ingrained in the social fabric of this society, with everyone contributing to the common good.

Contemplate the vision of a society that has healed from the wounds of the old paradigm is one of unity, love, and harmony. This society recognizes the interconnectedness of all things and values the importance of collective well-being over individual gain.

It is a society that has transcended the limitations of the ego driven conflicts and recognizes the importance of spiritual growth and development.

In this society, there is no separation between the material and the spiritual, as both are seen as integral parts of the same whole. The wounds of the old paradigm, such as greed, fear, and scarcity, have been healed, and WE operate from a place of abundance, trust, and collaboration.

It is a vision that may seem idealistic, but it is totally possible through the collective efforts of individuals who are committed to creating a better world.

It would be a society that values personal and spiritual growth as much as material success, and where the interconnectedness of all beings and the natural world is deeply understood and honoured.

How do you think being a member of a society that embraces these codes would make you feel, knowing that you are empowered to live your best life while also contributing to the greater good of the community?

In conclusion,

I believe these Andean codes are a precious treasure of wisdom that can help us live more harmonious, fulfilling life.

We must honor and respect the people who preserved this knowledge by consciously creating the most magical and fulfilling life we can imagine, today and every day.

Let us learn from their example and embrace these codes as a way of living in harmony with nature and the cosmos.



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