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Dec 21, 2023 - Mar 23, 2024

Chakana Quest - Level 1

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Are you looking to actualize a shamanic path in alignment with your heart? Are you yearning to activate a deeper sense of magic within yourself, eager to learn the transformative rituals and ceremonies that not only resolve inner conflicts but also empower you to confidently share your unique gifts with authenticity and love? Welcome to the ChakanaQuest, a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the teachings of Earth's Indigenous Wisdom. This 90-day program is divided into 12 sessions that will guide you through the three worlds of the Chakana: the Underworld, the Present world, and the Upper world, leading up to a ceremony of initiation and blessings for your new life. A Shamanic Pilgrimage into the center of your heart in Ecuador! PROGRAM'S DESCRIPTION: This is a guided experience of visionary work; one on one + in a group, online. This online mentoring/coaching program is designed to offer you personalized guidance and assistance along your conscious path of personal growth practicing Magick and Earth based medicine work. Learning from the ancient wisdom of the Chakana (Andean symbol) and the Medicine Wheel (North American symbol), we combine the teachings of the Condor and Eagle cosmovision, focusing on the four areas of personal development and the three levels of our existence to map your unique sacred path. What you'll get out of this training: Connect deeply with your Heart’s Vision to empower yourself along your journey of conscious manifestation. Learn and practice a set of rituals and disciplines to help you embody your sacred purpose. Expand your unique view of the cosmos and create your own reality, strengthening the power of your MAGICK. Our program is designed to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Through the exploration of shamanic practices and indigenous wisdom, participants will gain a greater sense of self-awareness and self-empowerment.

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Chakana Quest - Level 1

Chakana Quest - Level 1

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