The Time of Change

Today I'm very happy to share with you a movie that brings a powerful message and an invitation for action... "We are the ones that can bring in the change that we want to see in our world".

This is the story of Ñaupany Puma, an Inka solar priest that had a vision about going on a pilgrimage around the world. He takes us on the path of the Sun around the Earth through places of power in nature, ancient temples and sacred pyramids, for the reconciliation of the ancestors and the healing of the heart of Mother Earth.

The light of the Sun and Mother Earth that appear in the film are transmitted and make us live the magic of those ceremonial moments, bridge towards the future.

PACHAKÚTEC by Ñaupany Puma.   This Film is dedicated in love and gratitude to Father Sun, Mother Earth and the Ancestors.

A Pilgrimage to help the healing of the Heart of the Earth. "We are The Time of Change, The Pachakútec"

To learn more about Ñaupany and the ways you can connect with his message visit his Facebook page: Munay Suyu

Please share with us your comments.

#Pachakutec #GalacticIndigenousConsciousness #IndigenousTeachings #SpiritualPilgrimage #SpiritualPath #RainbowWarriors

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