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Get ready for a huge change!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

At what point do you decide, enough is enough?... It's time to invite CHANGE into your life!

Back in September 2019, just before starting the huge process of "the coronation of humanity". My beloved and I were in Ecuador witnessing one of the most unbelievable revolutionary acts that indigenous nations of the country have performed in recent times.

At that time, everything stopped,

especially the flow of business as usual in the entire country, because of a huge protest that forced to close all roads, big and small, for many days.

For us, as well as for all tourists visiting this beautiful country, the event was a big shock.

In those days, Danu and I were in Otavalo for only a few days when everything exploded.

For me, as someone that grew up in that country, I had the chance to witness similar things in the past.

I have seen entire governments kicked out, all by the power of the many and at that time, this event was not different.

We had the chance to experience big changes, one by one in a very short time.

All of these in the blink of an eye,

For me, this was the continuation of a long process of 500 years of change but for Danu, being from Canada, she has never seen anything like it.

At first, it was very traumatic to conceive this was even real but later this was a huge opportunity to witness a different way to do things.

After 8 days, trapped in Otavalo because every single road was closed, we had to make a decision to either stay there for as long as the protest lasted or to walk 30 Kilometers from Otavalo to the south of Cayambe where we had a chance to maybe get a ride...

So, we chose to walk, because we only had one day left to make it in time before our flight back home.

Our big journey started a 5 am when we started our walk back to Quito. We stayed a prayer and set the intention, that we will offer this walk as part of a pilgrimage to help us see what needs to change in our lives, so we can be better parents and better people.

That morning, what started as a scary thought of walking into a dangerous situation facing the unknown, with every step, it became a one-in-a-lifetime adventure of inner transformation for both of us.

To begin,

We started to see that everyone along the path was very friendly and yet, also dealing with the big problem that affected us all.

It was only people walking in both directions, just trying to go where they needed to go.

Then, every here and then, a blockade.

For the residents of Ecuador,

Huge mounts of dirt, many fallen trees or even big semi-trucks left across the road were only a few obstacles that people put in the way, stopping traffic from passing through.

For us, it was a very long walk on a great day in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

At last, we made it through.

As a result, we realized certainly that everything can change in the blink of an eye, and because of that, we must be always prepared.

Not only prepared to face change but also ready to act and do what's necessary to not only make it through but to enjoy it every step of the way.

After all, the only thing that will never change in the entire universe is CHANGE itself!

Are you ready?


Have you ever heard about the concept of “the hero’s journey”?

It all begins with an invitation to adventure and it usually comes in a time when life has become monotonous or challenging. It’s a magical opportunity to go on a journey of spiritual significance to explore the unknown realms of your sacred vision and bring out the gifts that you carry within your heart.

If you are in a time of change and transformation and you want to see clearly the path in front of you.

If you want to connect with a sacred vision that gives purpose and meaning to your life.

If you want to wake up every morning, feeling inspired for every day of conscious manifestation, turning your gifts into a creative force for your path.

⚡ I want to invite you to check out our 14-day Virtual Retreat that will help you map out your sacred vision and plant the seeds for a harmonic holistic life.

🔥 This is a shamanic training filled with fun and very insightful self-discovery exercises to guide you through the basic principles of crafting a HeartMap of your Vision, to guide you along your life’s journey.

A new SEEDQUEST begins every new moon!


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