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Huyayay my dear relative!

We are creating with love a harmonious future for the benefit of all!

At this time I am being called to go to Mexico, accompanying and assisting a local ceremony holder (and dear friend),

and to get prepared for the coming times.

In this pilgrimage, I will be fine-tuning my shamanic skills to help my human family go through these times of uncertainty and deep spiritual transformation,

with ease and grace.

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become a sponsor of my next pilgrimage

The total amount of travel and retreat costs are $4500 from what I have already $2000, that's why  I am crowdfunding $2500 USD, so I can cover my travelling expenses and also to be able to continue running my home and paying for my bills in Canada while I am away.

In Lak'ech - Ala'Kin


My intention 

"To anchor the Guardian Archetype within"


Hi, I am Soniko Waira

I am a Father, Artist, Musician and Visionary, walking the sacred path of "the wise human". 

I am a teacher and student of magick, indigenous consciousness, master plants and shamanism.
I am a spiritual helper/mentor and holder/guardian of the sacred space that allows for intentional healing and transformation to take place.

I am the founder of the Heart Map Experience a visionary path for self-empowerment and collective development.


Join me on my sacred journey for self-mastery, helping other awakened human beings to feel empowered to walk their own sacred path, sharing their talents with passion and excitement, improving the quality of their lives in holistic ways so they can do the same for their communities and the world.

My vision is to contribute to our spiritual awakening by sharing powerful indigenous practices to expand our human consciousness.


For the past 16 years, I've been walking on a path of connection and sacred co-creation between Spirit & Mother Earth through the sacred space of the Heart, where I empower myself to live my life with conscious intention, learning from Earth's indigenous consciousness how to be a better human and through the stories of the ancestors and my own, I am remembering WHY I am here...


That's why I am super passionate and inspired to share with you this magical journey of self-love and collective-development, open to serve my human family, sharing these frequencies with everyone that needs this kind of support!

Cacao circle - Autumn Equinox - Ec 2019

An invitation for conscious co-creation

Today, always and forever I choose to give my best!



Thank you for connecting with my vision and for being the answer to a prayer I had a long time ago...


"To attract and connect with extraordinary beings all around the world,

To gather my spirit tribe, and together accomplish our mission to help elevate the vibration and the consciousness of the people on the planet".  HUYAYAY!











2020 has been a challenging year for all of us but I am thankful because it has brought so many blessings and opportunities for empowering CHANGE on a planetary scale!

Because it's my life's purpose!



in gratitude for your generosity & support

With every contribution, no matter the amount, I have a special package that includes a digital download of my music + a print of my art

& a virtual Cacao Medicine Music Workshop;

because I'd love to share with you my talents, 

"Every gift that I've been cultivating my whole life".


All my life I have been inspired to create art and now I use it for the creation of different magick elements and tools that can be used to assist different shamanic processes.

When you contribute $999 I will create an original piece of art of the spirit animal or the energy frequency that you'd like to work with intentionally.

We get to find what's needed for your process after a 90 minutes One to One intake


The Heart Map Experience is my life's passion when it comes to contributing to the co-creation of a more harmonic, inspiring dream for the individual and the collective.

  • When you give $360 you'll have access to my 14-day "The Power of a Seed" virtual retreat of February 11, 2021

  • When you give $999 you'll have access to my 90-day "Chakana Visionary Program" that starts on March 21, 2021. This option also includes my Seed virtual retreat of February 11, 2021

  • Or maybe you'd prefer a One to One Experience?



Music is my prayer and the way I express my being from the centre of my heart.

When you contribute towards reaching my goal, no matter the amount. I'd love for you to have my recorded music and 


... If you contribute $540 or more we can arrange a  private LIVE Medicine Music Session for you and all your family via Zoom.



Currently, I have a few different modalities of energy/shamanic work that I can offer to your service when you contribute.


  • When you give $1111, it will open the opportunity to go on a 3-day powerful shamanic pilgrimage into the mystical mountains in the Kootenay region in BC, Canada any time after June 21, 2021

  • When you give $4500, it opens the opportunity to go on a magical 13-day shamanic pilgrimage to Ecuador from March to June 2021.

These journeys include master plants and also intercultural experiences, learning from traditional indigenous wisdom keepers.


For the past 16 years, I have been an apprentice of traditional indigenous wisdom keepers, learning different ceremonial ways with master plants like Peyote, Wachuma, Ayahuasca, Psilosibyn Mushrooms, Yopo & Huilka

and expanding my ability to be of service to my fellow human family by holding sacred heart space for their spiritual development.

Today, I am reaching out, asking for your support

so I can continue developing and strengthening further my abilities as a spiritual guide,

guardian of the sacred space

and humble helper.

Thank you for believing in this vision

and for contributing to its creation.

May you walk in beauty

and LOVE!