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This is a full-day ritual dedicated to all people that are going through a process of transformation in their lives.

A rite of passage into their next version of themselves.


If you are starting a new chapter in your life,

then you are at the right place at the right time!

What you'll integrate in this pilgrimage:


✔The 7 Andean Codes.


✔ The power of a vision and setting an intention from the heart.


✔ How to find your original birth imprint and how your stories are the key to change your life.


✔ The indigenous frequency: what does it mean to be an indigenous human of Pachamama and how to go beyond the form, focusing on the core essence of this vibration.


✔ Basic teachings and concepts from the core of  indigenous consciousness: the powerful circle & the medicine wheel

✔ INTEGRATE the powers of Grandmother Water within you