A Journey of Self Development and Vision Quest

This is an initiation ritual designed to show you the magical beauty of the endless creative possibilities available to you when you walk a Visionary path. It has the intention to help you gain clarity and direction for your personal and collective journeys.

  • Are you a creative human being? 

  • Do you have so many ideas and a ‘’to do list’’ that is always growing and never ending? 

  • Do you feel a lack of inspiration or direction in  your life? 

  • Do you know the difference between dreams and visions to be created? 

  • Would you like to wake up in the morning, relaxed and yet inspired for this new day of sacred manifestation?

  • Do you want to connect with your life's purpose?

  • Are you ready to experience a powerful initiation into your own process of discovering your life's purpose and the magical journey of living from your heart?

Everything begins the day you were born.



To provide life changing experiences that inspire YOU reconnect and remember the beautiful magical journey of conscious manifestation; of any idea, project, dream or vision; through the practice of modern mind techniques and ancient shamanic teachings that serve as a complementary tool to map the Visions you receive for your life’s journey.


“The Heart Map Experience envisions reaching as many hearts as possible throughout the world, contributing to the awakening process of the human consciousness, helping people to get in touch with their own creative force”.

‘’Visions are meant to be manifested, otherwise they remain just as dreams’’
-- Soniko Waira



  • To initiate your journey of self-discovery; exploring your "birth imprint".

  • To connect with your Heart’s Vision.

  • To learn what it means to be a visionary human. 

  • To enjoy yourself always. Here-Now


* Think about how things -- babies, visions, ideas, projects, plans -- do not simply pop into existence. There is a gestation period when the seed is hidden in a safe place, where it has time to receive the vital nutrients it needs to grow. This gestation period also gives the parent or inventor time to prepare themselves for the birth. If there is a seed or idea growing within you, what nutrients will nourish its growth? What do you need to do for yourself in preparation for giving birth to whatever is gestating within you?


This space has been created with the intention to help YOU remember and rediscover your sacred vision, creating literally a "roadmap" that will inspire and awaken the passion that lives within your heart.

It's a ritual initiation into your own path of Vision Quest and self-discovery. 

Shamanic Dreaming involves entering into the world of spirit from a waking and fully conscious state. Being able to be in two worlds at once. The dreaming heart is an expansive, creative force with limitless potential to explore the universe that exists inside the mind. Dreams for the shaman are a source of infinite wisdom and understanding.

The HEART MAP EXPERIENCE is a spiritual technology for self-development, designed to assist you in your creative process and our collective connection. Offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. It is based on ancient shamanic teachings and modern mind techniques that help us bring our visions to the conscious world.


  • A one on one session that offers a combination of spiritual tools and indigenous visioning techniques using sounds and aromas to stimulate your senses to get you into a relaxed peaceful state, providing a safe container for your experience. During this time you will be guided into a conscious Shamanic journey to explore your VISION.

  • Afterwards, I will help you to integrate what you saw in the dream world into your conscious awareness and into each one of the cells of your body. 

The first session INCLUDES: 

  • Birth imprint report 

  • Heart Map e-book PDF 


3 hrs/session In person: $360 CAD (in Slocan and the Kootenays or anywhere in the world)

* $180 deposit required when in session is in person.

* travelling expenses not included.

You will get an email within 12 hours to schedule your session and to receive the instructions for how to get prepared for it. There's a 24-hour cancellation policy to keep the integrity of these offerings!

Book a session today

You will get an email within 24 hours to schedule your session and to receive the instructions of how to get prepared for it. There's a 24 hour cancellation policy to keep the integrity of this offerings!


I look forward to working with you.

"AYNI: is a Kichwa or Q'echua word for the reciprocity law of abundance. In this universe of vibration, you must give first, and then you shall receive... in other words, what ever vibration you put out, comes back to you multiplied".


What you'll experience in this session:


✔The principles of AYNI.

✔The power of a vision and setting an intention from the heart.

✔How to find your original birth imprint and how your stories are the key to change your life.

✔The four areas of personal growth and human development and how to find your centre. Living HERE-NOW.


The indigenous frequency: what does it means to be an indigenous human of Pachamama and how to go beyond the form, focusing on the core essence of this vibration.


How can I be prepared for this session?


Bring your journal, your inner child, an empty mind and your open heart for this adventure, and the most important: Your visions and dreams. The ones that make your heart happy and full of joy!

More instructions about how to prepared will be provided after booking a session

Where does this session take place?

At my place in Slocan Valley or I can come to you anywhere in the west Kootenays, BC at no extra cost.


Or cover my travelling expenses and I can come anywhere in Canada or the World.

Or you can also experience a very fun and powerful version of this journey via online. 


Contact me for more details and to schedule a session.

  • Every time you invest in this kind of help, you are a channel for the manifestation of our Vision and the answer to our prayer. Much gratitude to you in advance.


The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. The next best time to do it is NOW!


" Soniko is a gifted visionary and has created a very powerful way to support dreams and visions from the heart to birth in to reality! With his clear heart mapping expressing your deepest hearts longings, coinciding with the journey work tapping in to the unconscious, he holds space as a gentle guide to help you awaken to your soul purpose for your earth work!". -- Kiara Astara 


"Soniko’s work is a beautiful and powerful. An alliance between ancient traditional knowledge from native cultures and a new consciousness centred on community from the heart, unity and freedom. Talented musician and visionary artist, Soniko shares his gifts with generosity, humility and presence from the heart. The Heart Map Experience is a beautiful invitation to humanity to be conscious and to learn how to manifest our most sacred visions. Shamanic journeys are simply powerful. I give thanks for what I received from these experiences. I’ve seen concrete changes in my life and empowerment. I wish you to meet Soniko’s medicine". -- AlexSandra BeauLieu

"After the experience I felt in touch with myself, and it opened the doors and I stepped into the spiritual world in my mind. The whole experience was memorizing, the shamanic journey with your crazy talents as an artist was a highlight, as well as my vision. I most definitely recommend you to anyone who is in search of themselves. The shamanic journey was just so powerful".

-- Cassidy Riel

"Soniko brings a beautiful presence and Love to his work. We all have embody our hearts calling to create the more beautiful world that we want to inhabit. Soniko is doing exactly this and I'm deeply grateful that he is a part of my community". -- David Max


"Soniko saying that if Spirit gives you a vision, you need to act, plus all the ceremony and initiation allowed me to take this step. Shaking in my boots, for all my relations,." --Margo


"Soniko, It's beautiful to witness and participate in the offering of your authentic being and creativity, and co-creating a new humanity. I look forward to seeing how all these heart vision manifest and weave a new reality" --Heather Ives


"It was a beautiful experience. I'm walking away more centred, with a full heart and my ancestors whispering encouragements in my ear. I really appreciate your songs, and the pace and style that you led. You helped fuel the fire in my heart. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Lost of Love" --Nicola




Soniko was born in the city of Kitu (the sacred place of the centred sun), a place right in the equator, in the highest of the Andes. Growing up in this city of 3 million people he learned the negative effects of being disconnected from the natural world and this was the trigger for the awakening of his spirit and the searching for what he felt was something bigger than himself.

Musician, Artist, Visionary, and walking the ways of "the wise human", Soniko is just like any other being on this Pachamama but his conscious walk has led him into a beautiful world of wonder and magic. He's a Kokopelli , a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to serve our planet, sharing these seeds of the new consciousness anywhere he goes, building bridges between the different worlds, connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern worldviews... In this way he co-creates the new galactic cosmovision of this new time with all his relations.

Currently his vision is taking him all over the world where he meets with many wise elders of the different indigenous cultures, from whom he receives new seeds and learns how to assist Pachamama and her children in the awakening process. One of this seeds is the HEART MAP EXPERIENCE, a manifestation tool and a writing/mapping technique designed and developed by Soniko since 2005. It's based on ancient wisdom and modern forms of processing information in logical and artistic ways. Currently Soniko shares this seed in the form of workshops and ceremonies with everyone with an open heart; who's ready to give the first steps into the manifestation of their own ideas, projects, dreams and visions.