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Yanantin: The Ancient Wisdom of Couples Relationships

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

In the realm of personal growth and spirituality, I've always been an open book, ready to share the insights and wisdom I've gained along the winding path of self-discovery. My experiences, my teachings, and my stories have often been laid bare for those who have sought guidance and inspiration on their own journeys. But there's one aspect of my life, an intimate facet that I've held close to my heart, never daring to share openly.

For years, I've been exceptionally reserved about this part of my life, shielding it from the public eye. It's an arena where vulnerability takes center stage, where the intricacies of love, partnership, and the dynamics of an intimate relationship are explored. I've chosen to keep this aspect of my journey hidden, not out of fear or shame, but perhaps, out of a sense of sacredness and a desire to preserve its sanctity.

Yet, today, I stand at a profound juncture, a pivotal moment that compels me to shed light on this aspect of my life. It's a decision that I've arrived at after an important change in my personal journey – one that beckons me to share the lessons I've learned, the insights I've gathered, and the wisdom I've cultivated throughout my voyage as a man, a partner, and a lover within my couple's relationship. The reasons for this choice are deeply rooted in my belief in the holistic empowerment of those who seek my guidance, my students, and the broader community I serve.

This unveiling is not just about me; it's about embracing the intricacies of our humanity. Our experiences in the realm of love, partnership, and intimacy are threads woven into the rich tapestry of our lives. And these threads, while often kept in the shadows, are undeniably essential to our growth and self-realization. They impact every aspect of our existence, from our individual paths of self-discovery to our collective journey toward a more harmonious and enlightened world.

As I embark on this new chapter, I invite you to join me on a journey of openness, vulnerability, and exploration. Together, we will delve into the realms of love, partnership, and intimacy with the intention of nurturing deeper connections and holistic empowerment. It's a path of growth and self-realization that we shall walk together, hand in hand, as we unearth the profound wisdom that resides within the intimate spaces of our lives.

All my life I've been interested in learning about what makes a good healthy relationship, and in the past year, I've embarked on a deeply transformative journey of self-discovery, one that has led me down winding paths of introspection, revelation, and growth, touching upon something I held dearly – my relationship with the mother of my baby daughter, Danu.

From the beginning of our journey, we've been on an open relationship, one built on trust, communication, and exploration. Our story began with a shared desire to step outside the boundaries of conventional relationships. We embarked on an open relationship, a choice that promised both excitement and uncertainty. The decision wasn't a fluke or a mere curiosity; it was a conscious effort to break free from the norms and expectations society had set for us.

Early on, we both recognized that the cookie-cutter concept of "happily ever after" wasn't the ultimate destination we were seeking. We had each tried our hands at conventional relationships, watched them unravel, and witnessed the painful aftermath. So, when we came together, we wanted something different, something that resonated with the core of who we were as individuals.

Then, one fateful day on Beltane, our world underwent a profound transformation.

Our daughter, Lila, entered the world, her presence bringing with it a myriad of changes we could have never fully anticipated. During the first year of our daughter's life, it felt as though we were living in a paradise of our own making. Everything flowed effortlessly; the harmony between us was like an unending symphony. Love abounded, and the world seemed to shine brighter because of it.

I felt it was Yanantin's pure expression.

Yet, as time moved forward, two years later, we found ourselves standing at a powerful crossroads. Our lives had evolved, shifting in ways we hadn't anticipated. As a father, I was left pondering not only my place in my daughter's life but also the purpose and dynamics of the relationship I shared with Danu. It was at this juncture, amid the winds of change, that I found myself drawn back to ancient wisdom – the wisdom of Yanantin.

With Lila in our lives, our open relationship faced a new reality – one that demanded introspection, adaptation, and, above all, the reevaluation of our connection. Suddenly, the harmony that had effortlessly coursed between us was put to the test. It was as though the universe had issued us an ultimatum – change or crumble. In the midst of all the newfound responsibilities, and the boundless love we felt for this new life, we found ourselves in a sea of shifting dynamics.

As parents, the needs of our daughter took precedence, her well-being becoming our shared priority. While we knew that the foundation of our open relationship was built on communication and trust, the arrival of Lila presented a challenge that called us to question the very essence of our unique partnership. What did this mean for us as individuals, as parents, and as a couple? How could we adapt to this new chapter of our lives while maintaining the essence of what we had once shared?

This juncture was not a breaking point; it was an opportunity for growth and exploration. Our open relationship had matured, taking on new dimensions and complexities. We found ourselves standing at a crossroads, and it was clear that the wisdom of Yanantin would play a pivotal role in guiding us through the shifting tides of our relationship. It wasn't about abandoning the open relationship that had served us so well; instead, it was about redefining it, finding balance in the new rhythms that life had introduced. Lila was now at the center of our world, and as she flourishes, so is our own evolution as individuals and as parents.

Yanantin, a beautiful Andean code, teaches us that when two individuals, embodying opposite energies, come together as a couple, they don't merely exist side by side. No, they create something entirely new through the fusion of their sexual expression. In its essence, Yanantin is about embracing and acknowledging the distinct energies of the masculine and the feminine that reside within each of us.

As I stood at this pivotal moment in my life, I realized that revisiting the wisdom of Yanantin wasn't just an option; it was a necessity. It held the keys to understanding the purpose of being in a relationship, especially one as unique and evolving as ours. This ancient concept resonated with the growing change I was experiencing, providing insights into how two individuals can maintain a harmonious connection even as they evolve in different directions.

A Journey of Exploration

This intimate share embarks on a journey of exploration, guided by the wisdom of Yanantin. It's an invitation to delve into the deep reservoirs of ancient knowledge and to see how these age-old concepts apply to the complex and beautiful tapestry of modern relationships. Together, we'll uncover the real purpose of being in a relationship, a purpose that transcends traditional boundaries and expectations.

As we venture further into the heart of Yanantin, we'll discover the true essence of a couple's relationship, where the masculine and the feminine come together to create, not only new life but also a world where love and unity reign supreme.

Would you join me on this transformative voyage, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary insights, as we navigate the changing landscape of love, purpose, and partnership?


The Art of Creation in a Couple's Relationship

In the heart of the Andes, an ancient concept known as Yanantin thrives. It's a profound idea, one that reveals the true purpose of a couple's relationship. Yanantin teaches us that when two people, embodying opposite energies, the masculine and the feminine, come together as a couple, they don't just merge; they create something entirely new through their sexual expression.

Embracing Opposite Energies

Imagine two energies, distinctly different yet intrinsically connected, much like the sun and the moon. These energies are not limited to gender; they represent the masculine and feminine aspects that reside within us all. Yanantin encourages individuals to embrace and acknowledge these energies within themselves before entering into a relationship.

The Dance of Creation

In Yanantin, a couple isn't just coming together for companionship; they're uniting to create. It's not merely about being together; it's about forging a partnership in which both individuals complement each other. This complementary union represents the essence of creation. When masculine and feminine energies converge, a dance begins, one that brings forth new life, not just in the form of children but in various creative expressions.

A New Level of Unity

As Yanantin teaches us, in a couple's relationship, there are three entities: You, Me, and the Relationship. The Relationship becomes a being of its own. It doesn't encroach upon the individual journeys each person is on. Rather, it becomes the conduit through which their creative energies flow. A healthy couple respects each other's space, understanding that the inner world of each person is sacred.

Co-Creating Together

In the context of Yanantin, the real purpose of a couple's relationship is to create.

This co-creation can take many forms – children, stories, art, businesses – the possibilities are endless. When both partners are content with themselves and honor their individual journeys, they can unite to co-create without any emotional baggage or codependency.

In conclusion, Yanantin is a profound and ancient concept that reveals the purpose of being in a couple's relationship. It teaches us that when two people, each embodying the masculine and feminine energies, unite with the intent to complement and co-create, something remarkable happens. Their relationship becomes a vessel for the dance of creation. They respect each other's individual paths, honouring the sacredness of their inner worlds, and in doing so, they become powerful creators, birthing new life in many beautiful forms. Yanantin shows us that a couple's relationship is more than just being together; it's about creating a world where the energies of love and unity reign supreme.

As I draw the curtains on this intimate revelation of my personal journey, I extend my hand to you, dear reader, in a spirit of unity and shared purpose. The tale I've woven here is more than a collection of words; it's an invitation, an offering of wisdom garnered through a lifetime of exploration and discovery.

It's a testament to the transformative power of embracing our vulnerabilities, even in the most intimate corners of our existence. It's a call to delve deeper into the multifaceted dimensions of love, partnership, and intimacy, knowing that within these realms lie profound truths waiting to be unraveled.


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