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Why Shamanism?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I remember the time in my early 20s when I felt lost, angry, and hopeless. I was using all kinds of drugs, and I felt like I didn't want to live. I was frustrated with religion and unhappy with the way I was taught to be in the world.

That was until I was introduced to the indigenous consciousness and the path of magick and shamanism.

Through plant medicine ceremonies, I connected deeply with Grandpa Peyote, who showed me how to learn and communicate with the other plants and spirits that co-create my reality. I was initiated into the art of holding sacred space, a powerful container that contributes to the healing and empowering process of the people that come to it.

This sacred space is a place of introspection, healing and transformation, where we can shed our old skins and emerge as our true selves - radiant, powerful, and free. It's a space where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of life while releasing our traumas and wounds to embrace our wholeness and vitality.

If you're a visionary artist seeking to create your own reality, this space can be your source of inspiration, guidance, and empowerment. I can help you connect with your true purpose and passion, release your limiting beliefs and fears, and manifest your dreams and visions into reality.

Let's co-create a world of love, joy, and abundance. Huyayay Rainbow Warrior!

The world is changing and we are in a powerful time of inner transformation.

If you are a successful entrepreneur who has achieved financial and intellectual success but still feels a sense of emptiness and disconnectedness. Despite your hard work and dedication to personal development, do you still feel stuck and unfulfilled?

It's time to be reborn!

If you are looking to deepen your personal growth and expand your consciousness.

Have you considered exploring shamanism as a way to achieve these goals?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that has been used by indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years. At its core, shamanism is about connecting with the natural world and the spiritual realm to access higher wisdom and healing.

Here are some of the key benefits of shamanism for personal growth:

Accessing Higher Wisdom and Guidance: Through shamanic practices like journeying and meditation, you can connect with your spirit guides and receive guidance and insights that can help you on your personal growth journey. This can include insights into your life purpose, healing past traumas, and accessing your own inner wisdom.

Healing and Releasing Emotional Wounds: Shamanic practices like soul retrieval and energy healing can help you heal emotional wounds and release negative patterns that may be holding you back in life. By working with a shamanic practitioner, you can address deep-seated emotional issues and clear the way for greater personal growth and transformation.

Embracing Your Inner Power and Gifts: Through shamanic practices, you can connect with your own inner power and gifts, and learn to trust your own intuition and guidance. This can lead to greater self-confidence and a sense of purpose in your life.

Deepening Your Connection to Nature: In shamanism, nature is seen as a sacred and interconnected web of life. By connecting with nature through shamanic practices like plant medicine ceremonies and nature walks, you can deepen your own connection to the natural world and experience a sense of interconnectedness and unity with all life.

At the VisionaryTRiBE, our vision is not only to help individuals on their personal growth journey, but also to be active contributors to the efforts of reconciliation and healing with traditional indigenous peoples.

We recognize the immense value and power of the ancient wisdom and practices of these cultures and are committed to elevating and valuing their legacy.

Despite the many benefits of shamanism, some people may have limiting thoughts or beliefs that hold them back from exploring this powerful practice. These limiting thoughts can include things like:

Shamanism is too weird or unconventional for me.

I don't believe in spirituality or the supernatural.

I'm afraid of the unknown or the possibility of negative experiences.

One common limiting thought about shamanism is that it is only for those who are already spiritually advanced or have a certain level of experience. However, shamanism is for anyone who is open to learning and growing. It is not about being perfect or having all the answers, but rather about being willing to explore and discover.

While these thoughts are understandable, it's important to remember that shamanism is a deeply personal and individual practice.

You don't have to believe in anything in particular or follow a specific set of rules or beliefs to benefit from shamanic practices. And, by working with a trained shamanic practitioner or teacher, you can feel confident and safe as you explore this powerful path to personal growth.

When you embark on a shamanic journey, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. You learn to connect with your own inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance, and you gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. You also gain a sense of purpose and direction, as well as a renewed passion for life.

Another limiting thought is that shamanism is only for certain cultures or ethnicities. But the truth is, shamanism is a universal practice that can be adapted and applied by anyone, regardless of their background or heritage. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

At the VisionaryTRiBE, we offer a 90-day shamanic training program called CHAKANA QUEST that is designed to help you unlock your potential and connect with your own inner power.

Through this program, you will learn the teachings of the Condor, the Eagle, and the Quetzal, and you will gain the tools and knowledge you need to develop your own gifts and manifest your personal medicine.

We invite you to join us on this mystical journey of self-empowerment and contribute to the collective development of human consciousness. Let's work together to elevate and value the wisdom of traditional indigenous cultures, and create a more beautiful world for ourselves and future generations. So, are you ready to explore shamanism and unlock your full potential?

Consider joining the Chakana Quest training, a 90-day shamanic initiation into self-mastery.

This transformative program is designed to activate and empower your own magick, and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to manifest your personal medicine.

Don't let limiting thoughts hold you back from experiencing the transformational power of shamanism.

Embrace the journey, and unlock the full potential of your own being.

If you or someone you know would like to do a shamanic training starting this spring equinox and ending in a year from now in the top of a mountain in Ecuador.

To learn more and apply for this year’s CHAKANA QUEST,

visit our website today 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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