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TAKYSAMY (Healing Music) by Shairy Quimbo

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Takysamy is music, songs, sounds and sacred ancestral vibrations indigenous to the Andes providing healing energy for the physical, emotional and energetic bodies or chakras.

"Andean shaman, descendant from the Inca lineage. “Condor Mallku”

“. . .The sound of the sacred seashell brings us back to the origin of the ages and prophecies, taking on the mission of planting the seeds of transformation to a new humanity”.

Shairy Quimbo, is a Kichwa man from the Andean mountains of Otavalo where he got inspiration and wisdom from his ancestors. After his pilgrimages to the sacred mountains: Taita Imbabura and Mama Cotacachi Shairy discovered that his mission was to help humanity in the process of healing the physical, mental and emotional afflictions and dis-harmonies of today; curing the soul and helping to overcome trauma and fears on the road to life renewal through his music and traditional ways.

Through this sounds he speaks with each body, learning the origins of the dis-harmonies and healing their crises. In the physical body the sounds and vibrations of the sacred instruments penetrate and regenerate the sick cells. Also for animals, plants, trees, houses, furniture and vehicles can receive this healing energy.

“Thank you for connecting with our ancestral frequency. If when you hear these sound vibrations, you feel them flooding your heart like bubbles of light, penetrating your cells subtly, then you have connected with the sounds of Pachamama.

The sacred songs and indigenous rituals contain energy vibrations to open your chakras, renew your heart and your life. If you listen carefully, from your heart, you will notice that the stones speak to you, the birds with their happy chirping harmonize your surroundings. This sublime sensation is the Grace of the Great Cosmic Spirit, Pachacakamak, who radiates the light of life”. Shairy Quimbo

Takysamy is quantum healing through vibration from the sounds of ancient instruments that Shairy received from his grandparents and his father, flutes made of condor feathers, and condor and deer bones, flutes of bronze and copper; ocarinas and archaeological replicas of ceramic whistles.


The Andean Elder Shairy Quimbo will be sharing his wisdom and teachings in a powerful workshop called

Based on his book published in U.S.A. 2013



at the Heart Journey to the Centre in Ecuador ~ March 9 - 18

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