Updated: Jan 8, 2019

RAVEN MAGIC is a song inspired on the medicine of this powerful spiritual guide.

Dedicated to all the teachers, mentors, indigenous elders, space holders, medicine people and friends who are inspiration, walking the sacred path... and to the spirits that live in the forest of my beautiful home in the traditional Sin’ixt Tum-ula7-xw, Shlu7kin’ (A.K.A Slocan, Bear Country, Kanata)

Much love and gratitude from the centre of my heart.


Raven is the gatekeeper between this world and the next. He teach us how to journey into the Void where all possibility lives.

Raven says_ "I watched Spirit create the entire Universe out of the Void, it's very being. Thus was I taught by Spirit how to create MAGIC".

This is an invitation

To all seed carriers and creative visionary people from the 4 directions on Mother Earth...​ Artists, Musicians, Film Makers, Story tellers, Neo-Shamans, Space holders & Community builders. To the Conscious Entrepreneurs working every day to manifest the new Dream or humanity.​

Let us come together co-creating and giving birth the modern indigenous tribe of Spiritual Rainbow Warriors This is a Journey of Self Discovery and Vision Quest.

An online experience designed to empower your individual creative expressions and also a great opportunity to meet and connect with other seed carriers to:

* Co-create the new ways we want to pass onto our children * Remember the ancient ways of cooperation.

* Inspire and learn from one another Contemplate today what it means to be human.

Think about what you would like to contribute in your lifetime and what you would like to leave behind. What's your legacy for the future generations?

Consider what cooperation means to you.​

There are times in life when a group of individuals, working together, can create more and greater things than if they'd worked alone. They have skills or styles that compliment one another. Think about your own skills and what would complement them well. Think about what you're willing to invest, and what's important for you in a relationship. Look for opportunities to cooperate in this journey and take note of what the experience is like for you.

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Our vision is to hold this sacred space for everyone that needs this frequecies at this time.

Here we share with our human family the wisdom of our Elder Indigenous Brothers and Sisters and the original teachings from Mother Earth so we can learn and grow together. Co-creating the new dream for our future.

Help us keep this space beautiful and alive. When you JOIN our VisionayTRIBE, you are supporting this space to grow strong.


Thank you so much

from the centre of our heart.

Meet Soniko


Artist, Musician, Visionary,  and walking  the ways

of " the wise human",

Soniko is just like any other being on this Pachamama (mother earth) but his conscious walk has led him in to a beautiful world of wonder and magic.  

He's a Kokopelli , a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to serve our mother sharing these seeds of a new consciousness anywhere he goes, building bridges between the different worlds, connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern points of view...

In this way  he co-creates the new galactic cosmovision of this new time with all  his relations. 

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vision quest | collective development | self empowerment


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