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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I remember it like it was yesterday, 2010 was an incredible year for personal growth & self-empowerment and it was also when I started to learn about the amazing gift of Cacao! and ever since, this powerful plant has been a vital medicine teacher for my path.

It was soon after that, in 2012 when I met Danu for the first time. A wonderful human being who also was having a cacao experience of her own. Little that we knew, Life connected our paths and in 2018, Danu and I began to weave our magical Cacao journey together.

I am happy to introduce to you, my beloved chocolate lady!

Danu joined the prestigious ranks of the Chocolate Ladies in 2011 when she started working with her now ex-husband on his budding business then titled: "Raw Dragon Chocolate".

She worked on this business with him for seven years, making and wholesaling raw, organic, dairy-free, honey-sweetened chocolate all across Canada.

The sacred nature of this amazing food inspired her and continues to be a powerful force in her life.

One of the products that she helped develop was called the "Heart Blood". A ceremonial cacao beverage made with just pure, raw, organic, stoneground Cacao and honey. This drink was offered at festivals, events and ceremonies. It's a powerful medicine that both emotionally and physiologically opens the heart for greater capacity for healing, compassion and love.

Today, she continues to make this beverage for our ceremonies and our Heart Map events as part of our heart-opening offerings.

Images from our Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony in Ecuador, September 2019

Introducing our Cacao Medicine Online Workshop,

In this challenging time of social distancing and mandatory isolation, we'd like to contribute to the wellbeing of our human family in any way we can, so we had the thought to co-create an entertaining, interactive online learning experience where she'd love to share with you how you can make this sacred medicine at home for yourself and your loved ones.

Check our event's page to find out when is the next opportunity to join in!

Register for the next Cacao Medicine Workshop

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