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Honouring the Winter Dance: A Celebration of Change and Renewal

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Huyayay my dear relative,

Living attuned to the natural rhythms of the Earth is the key to unlocking the depth of indigenous wisdom handed down by our ancestors.

In Indigenous cultures across the globe have revered and honoured the natural cycles, understanding their significance in the greater tapestry of life. The Winter Solstice, a pivotal moment marking the longest night and the rebirth of the sun, holds profound symbolism across these diverse traditions. It's a sacred time when the Earth breathes in, taking a moment to rest and gather energy for the forthcoming days of increased light. Various cultures express this through unique symbology, often representing the rebirth of the sun, the cycle of life, death, and renewal, and the interconnection between humanity and the cosmos. This momentous occasion offers a glimpse into the collective consciousness of indigenous communities, echoing the importance of harmonizing with nature's cycles for spiritual enlightenment and collective well-being.

Having resided in Sin'ixt territory for nearly two decades, my journey has been a profound immersion into the heart of their ancient culture. An extraordinary chapter unfolded when I had the privilege of living within a Sin'ixt traditional family for two transformative years. During this time, they generously opened their world to me, sharing the richness of their heritage through stories, timeless ceremonies, and the everyday fabric of life. Among the many teachings imparted, the wisdom surrounding the Winter Solstice stands out as a beacon of illumination. Now, I aim to share these invaluable insights, hoping to sow the seeds of consciousness and offer a unique perspective on this ancient culture's profound traditions.

As the cycle completes on Tum-ulau'x, Mother Earth, we gather around the fire to dance and celebrate LIFE! I've been fortunate to receive the beautiful teachings of Winter Solstice from the Sin'ixt, my family and the land's first peoples, which marks our new year celebration.

In these moments of celebration, we honor the wisdom of embracing change, letting go of what no longer serves us, and welcoming well-being into our lives. The Winter Solstice for the Sin'ixt people is a profound time to reflect on the past, dream of the future, and most importantly, express deep gratitude for all existence and relationships.

During this sacred time, we join together for three days of dancing, releasing the old to make room for the new, and nurturing balance within our relationships.

On the longest night of the year, we gather to pray for blessings and well-being, welcoming the return of the sun and the emergence of new light. The winter dance, for me, represents a momentous opportunity. It's a time for profound reflection on the past and envisioning the future, but above all, it's a time of gratitude for all aspects of existence. "I express gratitude to the Great Spirit, Pachamama, and myself for this life and this day, embracing the gifts that come my way".

I am thankful for the teachings and lessons shared by all beings, enriching this beautiful journey of life. My gratitude extends to my family—those who came before me, those here with me now, and those yet to come. I'm grateful for my children's life and for all the young ones, reminding me of the importance of praying for the future. I express gratitude for my home, the land that sustains and nurtures my dreams, encompassing the mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, trees, elements, and the spirit world.

For me, the Winter Dance signifies a deep appreciation for my connections to all beings - past, present, and future, and my heartfelt gratitude for existence and the teachings shared along this beautiful journey. With the arrival of this winter solstice, I embrace the new solar cycle, ready to offer my best, poised to love from the depths of the heart!

As we step into this new solar cycle, I'm ready to approach it with an open heart, spreading love and compassion from the center of my being.

I invite you to join our VisionaryTRiBE, a community where ancient teachings like these are practiced and shared, empowering us to journey together in consciousness and harmony.

With love and gratitude to all my relations,


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