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Conscious Dreaming

It comes a time in the life of every human being when we face some very important existential questions like who am I? and what is the purpose of my life?

To answer these questions you must be willing to leave behind what you think you know, to open yourself to the infinite possibilities and explore the unknown; only then you can walk your own path.. your hero's quest to the centre of the heart.

"Your Journey begun the day you were born"

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Once you know more about YOURSELF "the hero of your story", then everything starts to make more sense, and the path you must walk starts to show itself.

The following are some spiritual tools you can use along the way to help you connect:

Prayer and Meditation are the beginning of the journey for the conscious human. It opens the door to your connection with the spirit world and other dimensions. Once you realize this realms coexisting side by side with our 3rd dimensional reality, the dialogue begins.

“To pray is nothing else than talking to the Great Spirit. To meditate is to listen to her/his answers”.

Shaman: Conscious Human.

Involves entering into the world of spirit from a waking and fully conscious state. Being able to be in two worlds at once. The dreaming mind is an expansive, creative force with limitless potential to explore the universe that exists inside the mind.

Dreams for the shaman are a source of infinite wisdom and understanding.

When we expand our consciousness and travel into our interior universe to explore other dimensions of being, we open ourselves up to powers or energies that can guide and deliver us to a body of knowledge and potential that can serve the whole of humanity, not just ourselves. This is the essence of Shamanism. Contemporary shamanic dream-work attempts to understand the spirit and energy contained within the dream and so bring about integration or resolution on an energetic level.

What is a modern Shamanic Dreamer?

It’s someone who brings their dreams into consciousness and explores them in all their possibilities as if they were from another reality. Modern dream-work practice empowers the dreamer to be their own shaman and not take away their spiritual autonomy by allowing another person to tell them what their dream means. With this method, the responsibility, therefore, rests with the dreamer.

To explore your dream as a Dream Shaman, it would be helpful to you if you accepted that the Universe is alive, conscious, dynamic, connected, and responsive, because you will need to ask what a thing is, not what does it mean. Record the journey immediately, illustrating with sketches and mind maps wherever possible. Review the journey and the dream together, paying particular attention to the mythical, spiritual, energetic or archetypal perspectives. Write down your findings. At last, decide on any appropriate course of action and draft a plan (heart map), detailing how you will proceed.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" are you ready?


In person or online;

These sessions are a powerful combination of spiritual tools and indigenous visioning techniques using sounds and aromas to stimulate your senses to get you into a relaxed peaceful state, providing a safe container for your experience. During this time you will be guided into a conscious Shamanic journey to explore your VISION; then integrate what you saw in the dream world into your conscious awareness and into each one of the cells of your body. ​

First session INCLUDES:

​Birth imprint report

Heart Map e-book PDF

Heart Map landscape to make your own map

To learn more and book a session today please visit:

I look forward to connect and work with you!


Your heart, my heart... ONE HEART!

H U Y A Y A Y !

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