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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Story time.

Have you heard about the twin Archangels.

These two complimentary forms of energy, expressive and quick-witted, like to work together as they carry on with their mission. To care for our Pachamama as they heal the heart of everyone who needs to learn and remember how to walk in harmony and beauty through this beautiful life.

Metatron is the Master Teacher; he represents sacred wisdom and is a powerful Angel who teaches people how to use their spiritual power for good while he records their choices in the universe's great archive (known either as God's book of life or the Akashic record).

Sandalphon inspires the essence of living in co-creation with nature. He show us how to send our prayers to the Spirit World through sacred music and creative art.

Traditionally they're considered to be spiritual brothers, and both were humans on Earth before ascending to heaven as angels. They are unique among angels because they both lived on earth as human beings, once upon a time.

Two different sides of the spectrum of infinite forms of expression; and yet they're equally important as two sides of the same coin, there by one can not exist without the other.

They remind us of the endless number of possible ways to create

and to express creation.

They teach us to "see the other in yourself" and to respect with love and compassion all living things from this and other dimensions.

They are Masters in the art of co-creation.

Today their message is 11:11 Your vibe attracts your TRIBE!

When we come together, we stand one next to the other; we push the limitations of our human experience into the highest realms of spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment.

This is the ultimate symbolic power of number 11.

"I am learning how to keep up with the rhythms of each co-creation. It's the sacred dance in the eternal universal song. When I know what is the key to the harmonic interaction it makes my melody flow; and each moment of silence I remember how to listen so I may continue jamming along... in one heart beat. In LOVE". -- Soniko Waira

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