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Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen
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Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen

Elder, Mentor

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M. Ed. Coun. exemplifies that fierce love that many women men children families and communities need. The love that has a clause: no BS allowed. Let the truth of love be your guide now. Return to spirit family, come into the community and be at peace with life as heaven on earth!

A well-trained educator, a leader in her fields of guidance counselling to the national levels, Kaariina brings 40 years of lived experiences to venues and engagements.

She has served the educational field for 14 years, touching thousands of students and staff lives. Positions that contained her gifts included: teaching in the classroom, guidance counselling, services to her professions within schools and within the Carleton Board of Education and beyond!

As well, Ms. Saarinen (Conway), held positions in leadership.

*Vice-chairperson and Chairperson, OSSTF Staff Development, CBE area
*Leadership training with CBE
*Ontario School Guidance Association, vice-chairperson for the conference program
*Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association, vice-chairperson for program
*Leadership workshop facilitator for OSCA, CGCA

Her dedication to a soul calling manifested as:

*Co-facilitator, The Career Facility, CBE (1 of 10 centres in Canada)
*Associate Professor, Vocational Counselling, Graduate level, University of Ottawa

Grandmother's commitments to enriching family and changing family paradigms and dynamics expressed themselves as:

*Editor, Oyster: Newsletter for Family Enrichment, Ottawa West
*Chairperson, Family Enrichment, Ottawa West
*Conference initiator and coordinator: Family Enrichment Annual Conference

Dedication was recognized by:

*Shell Fellowship award from University of Toronto (1 of 12 across Canada)
*Parent Educator of the Year
*Toastmasters Bronze Certificate

Ms. Saarinen has received certifications as:

*Learning Style facilitator, 4MAT system
*Reiki Master Teacher; Karuna Master Teacher
*The Results System
*The Natural Process
*Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique

After transiting from education, she co-founded The Healing House, Village Mont Cascades, Quebec and established;

*Reiki clinical training and practices
*Couples Sojourn
*Healing Ways Women Wyse retreats
*Way of Family Council

Her personal and intimate life has inspired her to dig into the shadows of both her mother's and father's lineages, reaching back through the Reindeer Clan, Siberia, and Mongolia! These arose profoundly during three years of apprenticing to the teachings of Sweat Lodges and continue to emerge at crucial stages of her life's journey.

The Dharma Centre of Canada initiated Ms. Saarinen into The Medicine Buddha, the Tibetan Buddhist centre for all REIKI training. As well, she entered into empowerment from all five lines of lineages as well as steeping deeply into these mantras suttas suttras and sadhanas.

In 2008, Kaariina was requested to initiate Council of Great Spirit for youth and eventually, the group grew from 14 to 40 some youth, most with a yearning for the education of the soul and of great spirit! Many are now in service to the medicine path and commonly share photos of relationships. vision quests in exotic and far away locations, as well as babies from the stars!

That same year, she moved to Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre, Lanark Ontario and became immersed in the principles of naturopathy, biodiverse gardening, and supervising woofers who detoxed through gardening, way of the family council, organic foods, infrared saunas, REIKI treatments and training.

In 2009, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and simultaneously received funds from her mother'