SEED Quest ~ 2021 Special

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The Power of a Seed Virtual Retreat (Members Challenge) DISCOVER HOW THE POWER OF A SEED GIVES YOU THE EXACT STEPS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE... WITHIN 14 DAYS!!! This practical virtual retreat will help you map out your sacred vision and plant the seeds for a harmonic holistic life.​ If you are striving to connect with an inspiring vision that empowers you in a new direction. If you are starting a new chapter in your life then you are at the right place at the right time. 🌱 WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE WHEN YOU SIGNUP FOR THIS EXPERIENCE ​ + Lifetime access to the SEEDQUEST Members Area and Private Group ​+ Shamanic Dreams e-Manual PDF + Lunar Planner PDF + Heart Map Digital Kit ​ BONUS: Grandma Kaariina's Journey of Lifetimes audio course ​BONUS: TAKYSAMY ~ Music of the Earth

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